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    Default Great find today

    today I went to a thrift store and about 6 packs of 10 Tranquilty slimline diapers for $2.00 Can. unfortunaly they were size youth 18-26" waist and I have a waist size 38-40" so I left them there, if they fit I would of bought them all

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    I hear ya! Diapers are expensive as all get out. That really would have been a great buy! Considering junk diapers are still at least 8.00 a pack....blah.

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    Thrift stores are an awesome place to find diapers but you have to know what's junk and what isn't. Frequently, diapers were purchased in bulk so the bags aren't labeled at all. There is often no indication as to brand or size which can leave you guessing. More often than not, it's low quality stuff. But even low quality stuff can have it's place if it is really cheap because you can double them up. I've found that is a little more reliable place for getting cheap diapers. On craigslist I've found tons of good buys including Abena, Molicare, Attends, Tena, Tranquility, and yes... even ABU Cushies. My last purchase was 16 packages of Tena Classic Plus for $30 total.

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    I've seen plenty of offers for free diapers on Craigslist (my coworker clued me in to a few before I told him to stop)... I can't wrap myself around taking diapers from the family of a deceased person.

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    All the thrift stores around me have no diapers... Its makes me wanna cry D;

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    I used to find different diapers at the thrift store every few days: sometimes great, but more often than not they were too big or too small. I would check back in a week or two to see if they have anything that would fit.

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    Too big really isn't that much of a problem but too small is.

    Although I have a bunch of pawn shops near me, the only reason I'd find diapers would be if someone died. There are no medi suply stores for about 45 minutes by car (an awful long and expensive drive just for diapers.

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    i am lucky the thrift stores near me have had some good buys on diapers and i took advantage of it.. plus i went to this pharmacy and they had these diapers.. they have plastic backings and i double them up but they are only 6 dollars for 14 and are pretty good. not as good as a m4 or bam but for 6 dollars i cant complain

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    I never would have thought of thrift stores I feel a bit foolish now.

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