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    First off, nice to be apart of this community. I hope I enjoy it and that it will be beneficial to me. So this is the first time that I have ever really told anyone about what I'm into and why. And I hope that this will help me understand more about me and why I'm into this.

    Currently I am a sophomore in High school and I enjoy school and I strive to achieve high grades. Other than that, I enjoy sports(rowing mostly) and just going to the weight room and hanging out with friends. I also want to be a commercial pilot one day so this summer I saved up money to get flying lessons in order to obtain my private pilots license.

    The main reason why I came here is to hear from other people who share my feelings and see how they are handling it and what they are doing. I always used to think that there was something wrong with me and that I am the only one in the world who had these feelings.

    And that's it,

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    1. On behalf of the community here, I welcome you with open arms. We hope you enjoy your stay and find what others have to say about their feelings useful

    2. Flying is pretty damn cool. My uncle flew in the RAF and my cousin trained to but was disallowed due to an accident which damaged his eye-sight. No 20/20 vision = no RAF. I hope you manage to save up enough to learn to fly, as from what I hear, there really is no experience quite like it.

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    Thanks. That's cool, that your Uncle was in the RAF. My cousin is a pilot in the US Navy right now and he is my role model.

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