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Thread: Just ordered a sample from Tranquility

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    Default Just ordered a sample from Tranquility

    I was looking for free samples of things - it's kind of a hobby for me. Naturally I came to a page that said about adult diaper samples...and eventually ended up on the tranquillity website. I found on the page if you call in you can get them to send you a free sample instead of paying $0.99 per sample on their page. So I sucked it up and actually called them!

    The number they give on the website - 1-866-837-1449 turns out that's their US head office. They can send them to US or Canada from there but they told me, to avoid customs, that I could call their Canadian distributor directly. I'm not sure if it's regional or what, but they gave me the number 1-800-731-6899 for their Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) office...It's probably better this way also, since 1 less reason for them to write "diaper/brief sample" and have delays at customs as they inspect it.

    They will actually send you out more than 1 different sample as well. I called asking for the ATN briefs and the underpad, they suggested I try the pull-on style as well, and are sending all 3! Apparently it's going to come via Purolator (If you don't have Purolator it's like UPS or whatever quick-speed delivery service) and I've opted for them to just leave it at the side door...So I won't even have to face the post-man! Hehe...

    I figured I'd leave the details here if any of you want to do the same... I'll probably come back in a few days to write how discreet/indiscreet the packaging is for those of you who want to try it but are afraid of incriminating markings. Haha But again, even if everything's clear here, if you're in the States, or if they use a different distributor for another region of Canada, then it may be different.

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    Okay well it arrived Thursday or Friday, but I didn't have time to get on here. The samples were packaged discreetly. Each of the sets of 2 samples came in plastic together, all of which were in a Purolator bag turned inside out. The outside of the package was all just the grey inside of the standard Purolator bags. The Shipping label only said "Quality Life Services". And on the outside only the packing slip had even remotely identifiable information. Yes, the contents were listed on that slip, but it was folded over and the only part of the contents that was even visible from the outside was "-rief small" (the B was folded under)... Honestly I wouldn't expect anything more discreet... So unless you'll have someone you don't want actually checking the packing slip or the contents, then you should be otherwise good to go.

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    I wear the slimlines during the day and at night I always wear a pair of plastic pants over them. I have found them to very absorbant but very noisy.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICINMICH View Post
    I wear the slimlines during the day and at night I always wear a pair of plastic pants over them. I have found them to very absorbant but very noisy.......
    Yes.... *Crunch* *crunch*... LOL But ya, the sheet-pads are pretty-much worthless... If you don't land right in the centre, you're f*ed ... and like seriously, they're not that big LOL. Even if you do, you can still flood it... Better off with their diapers than the sheets. At least all the absorbency is in one place and it follows you so you can't "miss" lol ... (I roll around a lot in my sleep haha)

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