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Thread: Volvo SFINX - Volvo's futuristic Excavator concept machine

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    Default Volvo SFINX - Volvo's futuristic Excavator concept machine

    I came across this video on youtube. It's volvos new design of an excavator. It's pretty cool, but way too high tech for me to want. I bet it's expensive too and if something breaks on it. I'd hate to see the price of the parts.

    What do you think?

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    I would so totally street race that thing. The video was kinda corny though.

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    very corny video.

    something like this with as many functions as this would be both expensive to produce and expensive to service/repair. the good thing about current excavators are that they have simple designs. gas engine, turning base, and a regular arm/bucket.
    half of the "high tech" functions on this could be transferred to an older model- remote control, 'bucket cam', the 'virtual safety net'
    the only real revolutions of this would be the power system and track base. if they managed to create a viable battery system (or other power supply- i seriously doubt a gas engine would be able to do this) then kudos for them. it's a bit much, though. construction companies use what's easiest to do.

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