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Thread: Full Package and case dimensions

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    Default Full Package and case dimensions

    Alright guys. I need some help here.

    I'm considering getting a whole package instead of ordering these samples every so often and i need to know what i can expect as far as the size of an entire package goes. I need to make sure my stash spot could actually accommodate such a thing.

    I can't imagine i'm the only one such information would be useful for, so lets get some dimensions together.

    Personally, i need to know the size of a package of

    1. Abena M3
    2. Abena M4 - 15"x10"x6.5" - Martin
    3. Dry 24/7 size small (blue)
    4. Dry 24/7 size medium (white) 17.25'' x 11.25'' x 8'' - ABalex

    Anyone have this info or a measuring tape and the package itself? :3

    Thanks in advance! ^_^
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    Dry 24/7 pack of 18 medium came in a box 17.25 x 11.25 x 8 inches from XP.

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    Thanks guys! Going to add these to the OP as they come in.

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