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Thread: Dry 24/7 inner-lining defective.

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    Default Dry 24/7 inner-lining defective.

    I bought a pack of medium Dry 24/7s recently and the first thing I noticed was that the inner lining was not sealed along one of the leg-cuffs on the first 5 of them, which pissed me off. They were still wearable and useable only leaving you to clean off the little gel stuff afterwards, but it makes them seem quite sub-par to me especially considering their price. A couple more have appeared like that since the initial five in the pack but it's only like 1 out of every 3 or so.

    I'm scared to buy more of them because If there was that many in this one pack (and probably more that I haven't gotten to yet) who knows how many packages of defective dry 24/7s are out there. That and I hear they have a significant pin-hole problem too which i haven't encountered. Does anyone else have these problems?

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    That's a bummer

    I've never run into a problem with the liner, pinholes or outer plastic, or tapes. What I have run into problems with is a consistent blend of SAP and pulp. Usually the diaper will hold a lot and swell significantly (presumably that is what is intended, since most of the diapers have been like this), but I have received some that seem to have less SAP than usual. If I recall from last year (May 10-January 11) correctly, the first two cases were fantastic and of consistent quality. The second case seemed to have a little less SAP (swelled less and seemed to hold less than I was used to), but it wasn't enough of an issue to return the case. The third case was fantastic again and as I remembered, as was the fourth. The fifth case had one package where there was absolutely no SAP in any of the diapers (no exaggerating here: there was no swelling whatsoever and I opened one up--no SAP crystals to be found). The other three bags in the case were OK, maybe a little light on SAP but it was hard to tell. I would have returned the one very defective bag, but at that point I couldn't do so discretely (family).

    I haven't ordered any Dry 24/7's since then, mostly because I'm now in a living situation where doing returns is just not feasible. If I was living alone, I would still be ordering them because XP Medical (in my experience) is great about exchanging faulty bags/cases. I'm sticking with Bambinos for now because their QC is a lot more consistent.

    I have also had intermittent QC issues with the front/back waist gathers (sometimes they are missing, off-center, or smaller/bigger than usual), but it's not as big of a problem as the SAP or lack thereof.

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    These things happen - we are not talking about "craft" manufacture by humans but high speed machine manufacture by complicated processes and "sampling" methods of quality control. I also reckon that the pulp/sap content is variable and that manufacturers would not want to be held accountable for precise proportions of each in any product line. They will test to see if the diaper meets their quality control standards - and if it does will sell it. We might like one production run over another - or feel that the product has changed subtly but this is likely to just be the result of the manufacturer trying to source raw materials and keep to a price point.

    It is worth complaining if things are seriously wrong, but it's not always east to get a sensible response.

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