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Thread: The reggae thread

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    Default The reggae thread

    Anyone here listening to reggae?
    And whats your favourit reggae/ska musician? (besides Bob Marley, of course)

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    Ugh...I hate reggae...It honestly just makes me want to throw up...

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    I like most of what I have heard wich probably isnt much but its always something!

    Steel Pulse,Damian Marley,Rocker T,Marlon Asher,Cutty Ranks and Bob Marley is the artists I have currently in my Reggae folder on my computer I would love to be recommended to some more artists!

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    Bob Marley and the Wailers is my favourite reggae band. So many classics. Very mellow.

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    Bob Marly is the only reggae music I know of, I liked some of his tunes.

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    YouTube - GI Joe PSA - Reggae

    Sorry, I just had to post that since it's in my YouTube favourites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Ugh...I hate reggae...It honestly just makes me want to throw up...

    I almost gave you neg rep for that comment.

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    For me it is Bob Marley and this one song from 311 called "Reggae Got Soul"

    I only recently got into Reggae and its making me more relaxed

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    It's disappointing to see how few *B/DLs listening to reggae. I'm a little shocked, to be honest. Oh, well. I'spose your more into tecno and that shit.

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