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    Hello everone well today is the first time i am going to be buying online i have a 33 inch waste i have look at afew sites an all. I am looking for a diaper that can hold alot an get thick an not leak. Not to much into mess. But i also want a diaper that looks babyish as well. An a place that ships fast as well. Right now i been using walgreens diapers. They are not that bad they held 3 full wetings when drinking but i want something that can be a day diaper an night diaper i dont care if i walk funny when full Bc everyone knows i wear diapers an my girlfriend changes me anyways. any really good ones anyone can point me to.thanks

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    xp medical is the place. i like the abena L3. If you want babyish prints, then make some or buy some print tapes

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    Ya i been looking at the m4s alot Bc people say they hold alot an stick out when full. I just like the feeling of a full wet diaper. Ya i will look into the baby prints an what. The ones on ABU site dont look like they hold alot but they look really good tho. They have sample packs of 12 for a good price an you get to try everyone of them but the only down fall is if i try one an really like one i only have one. So i wanna get something that i have alot of

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    from what i hear, the ABU's are more for look, not for function. If you go on ebay and search for printed tape, or printed shipping tape

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    Well i just bought my first case of M4s will be the first time i will ever wear one. Sence i been dealing with walgreens an depends diapers for about 4 years now. SO i hope they are worth what i paid for them. I got them from xp medical so i hope they come soon.

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    Jason, from experience, XP medical will be quick to ship, they ship from either california or michigan, and you can be assured of an email when it does ship so you can track the package.

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    If you get M4's from XP, you'll get em pretty fast and be really pleased with the result. I LOVE M4's, they are my favorite!! XP always gets my order to me in 2 days, from order to arrival. It is great. And they are AMAZING when wet :3

    Good luck on your purchase

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    YA i have looked at pictures of the diapers an matching them up to other store brand diapers just wow thes are going to be so big an thick i sure hope i can still walk around in them. An i think the hole town will know as soon as i go out side or to walmart or anywhere eles for that matter. But thats ok i am open about my diaper wearing as it is. I still dont have the email about a tracking number yet but i ordered them around 1 pm central time. Anyone know how long it takes to get that email ?

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    I usually get it (the email) in less than 48 hours, and by then the package was shipped for a while already

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