View Poll Results: What is your level of incontinence, the reason you wear diapers?

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  • I am completely incontinent, both bladder and bowel.

    17 5.45%
  • I am bladder incontinent, both day and night.

    51 16.35%
  • I am bladder incontinent only at night.

    40 12.82%
  • I am bowel incontinent only.

    6 1.92%
  • I wear 24/7/365 because I want to experience total incontinence, bladder and bowel.

    7 2.24%
  • I wear 24/7/365 to experience total bladder incontinence.

    14 4.49%
  • I wear occasionally because I'm an AB/TB/DL and use my diapers.

    188 60.26%
  • I only wear because I'm an AB/TB/DL, but I don't use them.

    12 3.85%
  • I wear for other reasons, please explain:

    17 5.45%
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Thread: An incontinence survey

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    Default An incontinence survey

    I was wondering about how many of the members here are truly incontinent, and to what degree. I noticed that the name on this site includes the incontinent, as well as AB's, TB's and DL's.

    I have included a pole to help. If you have a different reason and don't mind sharing, please do so.

    I am doing this because I want to know how many other people are in the same condition I'm in.

    And if you want to explain what caused you to be incontinent, please feel free to let us know.

    Thank you for participating.
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    I am night time incontinent (not on purpose) on almost all nights. I still love diapers and am a tb/dl/ic (just started to become a tb, ive been incon and a dl all my life.

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    I am totally incontinent, bladder and bowels, and I wear 24/7/365 because of it. I've been this way now for just over 5 years, due to a spinal problem, and the surgeries to correct it. I forgot to add that to my original post.

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    I am not incontinent at all, i simplay wear for my AB/DL, and i use my diapers.... whats the point in not using them, thats the best bit?

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    I'm diapered 24/7 for wetting only. I still prefer to make my messes in the potty... less cleanup that way. I don't really have a physical need for the protection... or at least I didn't when I started. How long I'm gonna do this for... I dunno.

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    When I had access sometimes I would use and sometimes I would just wear.

    When I get around to buying, I'll know better

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    I put that I'm bladder IC day and night but I also chose the "other" catagory too.
    I wear 24/7 because I don't feel when I have to go most of the time. I do still feel it sometimes but I can't hold it for very long. 15-20 mins max

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    I am rather annoyingly incontinent of bladder and bowels. I am able to control my bowels so long as I am constipated!

    If I am not then I would 'normally' have about 3 messes a day! I much prefer to do this in the toilet as it is an easier clean up.

    As I need to take a lot of strong pain killers I am always constipated anyway!

    Good poll though



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    I am continent, and wear and use because I am a AB/DL. I have been as long as I can remember, and derive both pleasure and comfort through wearing and using, mostly just peeing as cleanup is a chore otherwise.

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    Never had any accident when younger. Only wore diapers for fun.

    Well, until last year, I've been diagnosed with Crohn's decease. One of the symptoms is chronic diarrhea (that you can't hold a very long time). Since last year I've had a few accidents, mistaking diarrhea and farts or just because bathrooms were too far. So I've got an excuse for wearing my diapers during day time. Sometimes life is well done
    I'm not really incontinent but when in crisis, sometimes wearing diapers on long trips or when away from home for a long time is a good solution to feel secure.

    It's really a stress when you realize you can't control yourself. I've often wished to become incontinent. Now I've had a preview of what it could be and be sure you don't want that!

    By the way, now, for those who cares, it makes a few weeks I'm feeling better...almost normal bowel movements and since last week I don't work anymore and already gained almost 2 kg (something like 4 lbs I think).

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