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    if we are or have dragon fursonas,, are we really furry or scaley..?? and if you are dragon what kind are you mine is a litte blue dragon who can make breath snow or ice.. but that is when he grows up. right now all he can do is make cold clouds hehe. anyways just wondering.

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    I consider anything animal furry in the way of Fursona, anyways.

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    I'm a dragon and I call myself a furry just for the sake of simplicity.

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    My fursona is a kobold so I consider myself a scaily but I conisder all the titles under the general term of furry.

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    There are terms for this kind of deal for the more picky furries. Your furries that have scales are 'Scalies' and the furries that have feathers are 'Avies' or 'Avians.'

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    Wow, I was just thinking about this the other day. I was thinking about how much I love dragons and if that would make me a scaly, guess I know now, not that I feel like I'm a furry or anything I just love dragons.

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    well it was just brought up to me one day some one joked and said i wasnt a furry i was a scaly.. heheh but yes i consider all of it under the furry flag

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