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Thread: When is Fox Tales Times gonna update?

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    Default When is Fox Tales Times gonna update?

    I mean, it's been forever since they've posted new stories, and I've read just about all of them. I'm waiting impatiently to read some new stories from there, they have great authors! Does anyone know when they're going to upload some new ones?

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    Maybe never? I dunno. The owner seems busy and not too enthusiastic about the site. Check the forum, I guess. Might be new stuff on there.

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    there is usually new stuff in the forum. not sure of the quality though.

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    Most of the active FTT writers started crossposting over here.

    It's a shame, though. I'd really love to see another piece by Karen/Collin, and despite my fading hopes, I keep checking to see if Mistress has added to Coast to Coast Exchange (and, for 5 months now, being disappointed...)

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    Yeah, I wish they would too. I kinda miss the stories from there

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    Site activity has been fading for a long time now. CSFox had this to say on the front page:

    Quote Originally Posted by CSFox
    In regards to the future of FTT, the site is and has been in its twilight years. FTT was founded at a time when there weren't a lot of widely accepted places to host babyfur and abdl material. Today, there are plenty... and the forum is huge (and usually out of control) and there isn't really anything this site can do that other sites can't do better. Checking over all the material here the only thing that this site currently does that others don't is host games and the files related to them.

    At the moment I'm still deciding what to do with FTT, but in the near future I'm thinking of changing the site to host ABDL and Babyfur games exclusively, or letting the site lease just run out. The forum will continue to run for the foreseeable future (and isn't owned by me anyways) but after 10 some years, I think its about time to lay FTT to rest or see it made into something else. Its been woefully neglected, and surpassed by bigger and more dynamic places. It was good while it lasted.

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    Pretty much never. CSFox has pretty much confirmed it's to be a dead site.

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    Yeah that place is pretty well dead, not including the forums. There was an 'update' recently, but that was just CSFox saying (as said above) that the place is dead. Which is a great shame

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    The forums are a lot slower than here or DD, but there's still activity.

    And, an update to the above, I joyfully report that Karen/Collin has embarked on a new story over there, and one well worth getting hooked on.

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