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Thread: Tropic Thunder = 2 hours of my life I will never get back

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    Default Tropic Thunder = 2 hours of my life I will never get back

    Holy sh*t!! I never thought I would ever see such a piece of sh*t movie. And I thought Napoleon Dynamite was stupid. This movie takes the cake. It absolutely makes zero sense. Holy crap was this movie horrible. I strongly recommend you do not see this movie.

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    I've never heard of it and I rarely see movies, but I'll have to remember that next time I do see a movie. =P

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    Wait, you thought it was going to be good? I am sure it was still better then Meet Dave however, but still the trailers alone were complete %$&#. Its sad that Robert Downy JR took such a crappy movie after Zodiac, Charlie Bartlett and even Iron Man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Wait, you thought it was going to be good?
    Not really. The only reason I sat through it was because my dad wanted to see it and he paid. I wasn't expecting much, because like you said, the trailers for it sucked.

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    I was going to see it. Guess I won't. If it is worse than Napoleon Dynamite it has to be pretty bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotDotDot View Post
    If it is worse than Napoleon Dynamite it has to be pretty bad.
    That is just my opinion. Napoleon Dynamite was pretty bad, this was 1000 times worse. Read some reviews on Yahoo or IMDB on it.

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    Napolean dynamyte was hillarous in a subtle way, it might not be your taste. idk

    But I loved how stupid tropic thunder was, Jack Black was awesome as always and everyone else did stupid things and blew stuff up. And this movie will be nowhere near as bad as " Epic Movie " Dont even get me started on that one (`shudders `)

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    Wait, wait. We expected something with Ben Stiller to be a statue of movie-making genius? Are we going into this thing with way too many expectations? What's so wrong with a dumb, mindless movie?

    I think Robert Downey, Jr. was absolutely brilliant in choosing this role -- what controversy it could cause! The man is a genius.

    Let's face it, guys: Most comedies are absolute shit movies. Look at Austin Powers, Ace Ventura, anything with Will Farrell or Owen Wilson -- the majority of movies that they take part in are complete sacks of crap, but we like them because they blow turds.

    Then again, I thought Napoleon Dynamite was a brilliant, brilliant movie, so I guess I'll absolutely adore Tropic Thunder.

    I also suggest, in the future, that the thread be started asking an opinion on the movie, as opposed to just coming straight out and telling us that we shouldn't see the movie just because of one person's biased opinion.

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    That is why I won't go to a movie, in a theater, you paid and now you hve to watch the dam thing, or you just wasted your money.

    I can wait untill it hits, pay per view, or better yet TV.

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