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Thread: what computer game do you play?

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    Default what computer game do you play?

    im currently involved in world of warcraft:burning crusade.

    i got a lvl70 hunter and 29 shaman.

    what do you play to pass the time when you dont work or have any school.

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    I only really play the XBOX360 nowdays, i mainly play Halo3 (Online) and Guitar hero 3.

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    I hardly ever play computer games. If I do, usually Solitare. I mostly play my PS3 though.

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    pojo anything realy but id like to know what computer games you guys play cus im getting quite bored of world of warcraft.

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    Ok...I was wondering since you asked something different in your first post...If I play something on the computer, it's Runescape...But that's all I really play on the computer...

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    aww pojo runescape got very boring for me after few years i had to stop thats were wow came into place.

    i want to try cod4 just no time.

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    World of Warcraft level 68.


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