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Thread: Full auto air gun built using PVC piping

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    Default Full auto air gun built using PVC piping

    Hi all! I built a cool air gun that can use AA batteries as the projectile, its also able to shoot 600 rounds per minute. I just wanted to share it with y'all

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    Pretty cool! That looks like a fun project. This reminded me that I had a small full-auto BB gun as a kid that used a CO2 canister. Didn't have much power (could barely puncture a tin can point-blank!), but it was mildly amusing.

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    Aww sweet, does the air actually push the batteries out or does it just actuate the bolt which pushes the batteries out?

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    the air does the pushing the bolt just makes it so only one projectile is fired at a time

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    Dude. That's completely awesome. When I was about 18 I started making plans for a AA firing air-gun.... then I gave up. On Life.

    Plans please!

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