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Thread: Husband says I have to start wearing pants again

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    Default Husband says I have to start wearing pants again

    I have the tenancy to not wear clothes in my apartment. I just don't like wearing them and it got into a habit because my son would spit up so i stopped wearing clothes so I have less laundry to do. The machines in the basement are coin operated so that is why I wanted to save on laundry. Before I had my baby, I have gone without pants because sometimes my clothes just feel uncomfortable on me so I take them off. Plus in the summer I go naked to keep cool. I would only be in my underwear or diaper. Bra when I was pregnant because they felt sore so I wore for support.

    Now that my son is ten months, my husband tells me I need to start wearing pants now because he is starting to remember. He doesn't like changing my diaper anymore with our son in the room because he doesn't want him to watch. So we have to keep him out of there. He doesn't want our son to see me putting on my own diapers and now he doesn't want him to see me in diapers.

    But at what age do kids start to remember their past? I doubt my son will remember seeing his mother in diapers when he was an infant.

    What age do you think I should stop exposing my fetish to him? Do you think it's okay to do around infants, why or why not?

    Anyone else here used to wear diapers around their kids exposing them and at what age were they when you started to cover up?

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    verry interesting topic id say 1 and a half to two years me and my girl friend were actually talking about this a few weeks ago i highly doubt youre child will remember anything at younger than two years old. once again great topic.

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    I think before 18 months would be a good idea to stop, I don't know for sure if they'd remember stuff from that far back but it's when kids begin to talk and become more self aware and aware of their surroundings. I can't remember anything before I was 3 and I doubt most people can but it wouldn't be a good idea to let your child be exposed to your diapers around this age especially when you are considering potty training and when your child will be climbing into your bed to sleep with you and your husband and they'll start asking questions like why you still wear them but no other adult they know does.

    At this age I'd say it's fine to wear around him as it isn't shoving it in his face, he isn't aware of what's going on and wouldn't know that most adults aren't wearing diapers, I'd say that when you decide your child is too old to see you naked it would be too old for them to see you wearing.

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    I have a few glimpse memories from very, very early on. Honestly, you're going to have to stop sooner or later anyways, so why cause the conflict with your husband over a couple months difference? what if he's right? or what if the child doesn't specificly remember how he knows, but... just knows?

    Seems like high risk for very minimal gain.

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    Yah, my earliest memories would be like certainly no earlier than about 3.5 but i think even older. That said as above i wouldn't chance that!

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    I doubt he'll remember anything from 10 months, I think memories are more between 3 and 5. However, in my opinion, this fetish shouldn't be around children at any age. Again, that's my own opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugatti View Post
    ...However, in my opinion, this fetish shouldn't be around children at any age. Again, that's my own opinion.
    Haven't really thought about it before, but off the cuff i would tend to agree.

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    I have a couple of random memories ("glimpse memories" as Foley said... a perfect description of them) that I know are from my second year or earlier. As far as the kids go... mine know. It's kinda hard to keep a secret forever from people who may bust into a room unannounced at any moment, unless you just stop doing it.

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    my earliest memory is a year and an half or so, so i'd say about then; and yeah it kind of shouldn't be around kids.

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