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    I have a pretty small diaper budget and only get to use about 4-5 diapers per week-generally not enough to get through a single day. I got very fed up with this around the middle of June and decided that I wouldn't use any more diapers until Christmas, so that I would save up 6 months' worth of diapers that I would then get to use all at once. I bought some Goodnites and Pampers in July, but they turned out to be a poor, poor substitute for Abenas and after using a few I threw the rest away. So now it's been almost 4.5 months since I've used a decent diaper and about 6-8 weeks since I've used any diapers at all. And I'm having a bit of a hard time. So I'm wondering, how long have you gone without diapers and how does it affect you? Do you have some way to cope?

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    When I couldn't get diapers, I used a small hand towel folded into a type of diaper and held it in place with tightish underware, though I really only slept in it, didn't use it.

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