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Thread: New Bambino Diapers vs Bambino Teddies

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    Post New Bambino Diapers vs Bambino Teddies

    Here is a review/comparison for the new Bambino Diapers vs. Bambino Teddies.

    To begin with, the taping panel is smoother and stick A LOT better then the Bambino Teddies'. The new Bambino print is quite colorful and offer different characters and other images to give it a unique look. They are getting more creative with their prints.

    I'm not sure if you can distinguish the difference in this photo, but the plastic backing is definitely different from the teddies. The New diaper is a more textured than the Teddies. I can't really say if one crinkles more than the other, I can't really tell the difference.

    From this picture the New Diaper looks thicker, but, its not really noticeably thicker from what I can tell. When I squeeze the padding I really can't tell the difference at all.

    Now we can start to see some differences when the two are opened up (sorry for the glasses lol)
    First of all, the padding in the front and back is quite wider giving more expanded absorbency.
    You can see that the New Diaper has a better fitting system by seeing that it pulls towards the center. The Teddies Diaper seems to just lay flat out.
    The front panel of the New Diaper is shorter, and you don't have that excess plastic below the taping panel around the front part of your legs allowing a little more comfort when walking.

    Another major difference between these diapers is that the tapes are closer together lowering the top tape some. It helps to fit the diaper better in my opinion. I always had trouble a bit with getting the tapes to fit without the gap on the back/side panel in between the two tapes. I couldn't make the bottom tape fit right because it was so low.

    New Diaper on left, Teddies on right...

    They have greatly improved the leg band to help give a better fit around the legs and helps the diaper feel more snug all around and had no trouble with leaking at all. It was tighter and stretched a lot more the the Teddies did. See how the New Diaper has 4 elastics instead of 3. and it looks like it has more bubbles for farther stretching and snugger fit.

    Also the leak guards have been improved. Remember how it seemed like the leak guards were glued to the diaper lining? And you would have to pull/stretch on it to make the leak guards usable? This diaper doesn't have that problem at all. The leak guards are the same height still.

    New Diaper on top, Teddies on bottom...

    The New diaper has a wider crotch area which I love, a little more bulk down there.

    Other Notes:
    It also has a softer inner liner making it more heavenly to wear. It's really not much thicker than the other Bambino Diapers at all, I really can't tell the difference.

    The absorbency is definitely superior. I had quite a few voids in it and failed to completely soak it after about 13 hours of wear. I wet it with a full bladder and I have a pretty big bladder and it soaked it right up. Then I went to sleep and woke up 7 hours with another full bladder and wet it in a few long squirts until I was empty while laying down testing how it absorbed while laying down and it didn't leak at all. I couldn't make enough urine to test it before I had to take it off. It absorbed more than other Bambino Diapers with a Quadro pad in it. The padding didn't fall apart after tossing and turning while sleeping or walking. It bulks up nicely as well.

    It is more comfortable to wear than other Bambino Diapers in my opinion. And for the price, its great. The thickness fooled me and I thought It wouldn't hold much more than a regular Bambino, but boy was I wrong. I say give it a try and Great Job to the Bottom Half Group for making a mighty fine diaper!

    Another quick note is that the address label on the boxes no longer say Bottom Half Group... It says "Shipping Warehouse" and that's it along with their phone number and address. Even more discreet shipping for us. They also put plenty of tape on the box so no one can try to sneak peak

    If you have some other questions I will try to answer them if I can.
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    Great review :3 thanks for providing a lot of details along with pictures. But kinda curious if you would compare all 3 of the bambino diapers to one another. Or if someone else has. Since it would be interesting to see if they get better over time or just the odd one out is good.

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    Thanks for the great review - your's is the best review that I've seen so far! Now I'm going to order myself some.

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    They both look like great diapers. I ordered 2 packs of the teddy diapers and I would like to order the new diapers at some point.

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    The new diapers sure can hold a lot and they swell up so very nicely when wet. Most of the SAP where the diaper swells seems to be in the middle/front, so as a girl I will try adding a booster towards the seat of the diaper. I haven't tested the addition of the booster yet though

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    thanks for the review. I'd like to see a side by side comparison with the fabine also. But all I have are medium fabine and large Bellisimo. That's the name bambino has chosen. I think it means excellent in italian?

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    I had more trouble with tapes on the Teddies, I haven' had a problem with their tapes. Make sure your fingers are clean before taping up and the taping panel clean.

    I have to say also that I've worn one overnight not wetting it. 3 nights in a row and haven't had the tapes come off and I still haven't used it yet.

    Anyone else experiencing tape problems?

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    I havn't tried the Teddies, but these new diapers are just awesome. The only change I dislike, and dislike isn't quite the word for it, is the plastic backing. There's nothing wrong with the new plastic, I just liked the old Classico and Blanco style better. It seems more like the Pampers I used to wear.

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    The new teddies also have four lines of elastic and are built on a slightly smaller chassis. It sounds like there is not much of a difference between the "new" teddies and the "new diaper" other than the print on the front.

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