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Thread: Favorite beer?

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    Default Favorite beer?

    Just figured i'd see if anybody here had for likes in the beer department. I'm an avid fan of weird and unique beers myself, and try to get something new every time I stock up.

    As for me, my #1 favorite was Red Hook Double Black stout.

    But they stopped making it a few years ago, as apparently the brewer that made the recipe had a disagreement with Red Hook, quit, and took his recipe with him. Sucks, because I loved the stuff. Dark yet easy to drink, with lots of coffee flavor and a hint of chocolate.

    Now, my favorite has to be the Harvest Ale brewed by John Harvard's, a small chain of brewery/restaurants here in MA. It's a pumpkin ale, but isn't sickeningly sweet, like the ones from Harpoon and others. They serve it in a cinnamon rimmed glass, too. It's only served in the fall, but it's a must-have when they've got it on tap.

    Anyways, how about everyone else... What are some of your favorites?

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    After a highly drunken last Friday night, I don't think I can stand to look at beer right about now... >_<

    However, at the moment I have a taste for Stella Artois.

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    Smirnoff is the only beer I don't have to force myself to drink.

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    hmm..i'm pretty new to the whole beer thing. but...

    i love me some Magic Hat #9

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotDotDot View Post
    Smirnoff is the only beer I don't have to force myself to drink.
    not to get to picky, but i'm not sure if thats even considered beer? (dont quote me on this, like i said, i'm still fairly new to the beer world)

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    Hmmm, I would have to refer to New Belgium Brewery, but it would be a toss-up between almost any of their "special" brews. Fat Tire is good, but it is basically the crap they make so they can get enough money to brew other really good beers.

    By the way, still waiting on availability in Ohio.

    Lienenklugel's Sunset Wheat is also tasty.

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    My current favorite is Abita Purple Haze. It's a wheat beer brewed with a hint of raspberry juice... very good stuff.

    Honestly I will drink just about any beer I can get my hands on. I do enjoy a good pint of Guiness occasionally... Killians Irish Red is always a good standby if I can't find anything that tickles my particular fancy.

    Yuengling Lager or Black & Tan are also up there on my list of favorites.

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and stick with average beers, like my fascha, probably Budweiser or Light.

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    I'll be a pussy here: I don't like pure beer. But mixtures of beer with lemonade are very tasty, because then the bitter taste of beer doesn't come through all that much.
    That said, my favorite beer is:

    Beck's Green Lemon.

    Maybe because I live less than a mile from the brewery? I wish they could hook up their production facility to the faucet in my kitchen


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    I dont drink alot of beer, im more of a spirits person, however i dont mind the odd beer Such as Tiger or Cobra. But im mainly into spirts, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister and vodka as long as its good vodka and not the cheap crap! But i am quite open to experiment with new beers and drinks.

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