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Thread: How to avoid your roommates know

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    Okay, here's the question. I've finally moved away from home, but live in an apartment with 5 other. I have my own room, but share bathroom with the others. I'm only going to wear at night, or in my room, and maybe put on some music whenever I'm changing. But since it's not smart to use the bathroom to change, I will probably just wet hankerchiefs/towels to clean me up, and keep my wet diapers in the paper-basket, wrapped up in a bag. Do any of you have any experience in how to avoid raising suspicion among the others when wearing diapers? What you did/do if they knocked on the door when you wore?

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    First of all, don't go #2 in the diaper. That will make it very likely that they will find out very quickly. As for them knocking on your door when you're wearing, simply throw a pair of underwear on, followed by pants or jeans. That should help keep down on the noise and bulk. Finally, don't act nervous. If you do, this will tip them off that something is up, and they might get curious.

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    Keep pants near your feet, keep your door locked. If someone knocks, pull up pants, open the door. I give you about an 85% chance of them not noticing, if you wear pants over it, when you are in your room. If you walk around outside your room with it on with pants over it, preferably jeans or something that conceals better, I doubt they will know, chance is reduced to nearly none if you wear something tight over it to negate ANY crinkleage. Do they play music, if yes, any need to worry about crinkle, is N/A.

    Disposal: You said when wearing, but I feel like including this anyway, I don't recommend putting the used ones in your main trash, maybe hide them inside a bag like you said, and then inside another trash bag, concealed by stuff stacked underneath your own bed. That way, when you take out your trash, just put that bag inside your other trash.

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    How about you just keep it to your own room? it's your room, no one goes into it, unless you're the one with the Xbox

    I assume the bathroom has a lock, use it wisely

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    I was in a similar situation with my apartment, but i had the added difficulty of sharing a room as well. Luckily it was only for a month and a half, but im going to be facing this situation again.

    What i did was i stored my diapers either in a box next to my bed or under the sink in the bathroom. When I would get ready for bed I would put it on after i brushed my teeth. I wore some athletic pants while walking around and just took them off before i jumped into bed. Usually my roommate was asleep by then.

    For disposal i would take an early morning shower and take it off then. I always got up and left before my roommates did so i just threw it in the trash and some other stuff on top to keep things subtle. Haven't had any trouble since.

    If they do ask about or bring it up just tell them it is a personal problem that you really don't want to discuss. I haven't been questioned or caught yet, but just be prepared for the close call. Don't get too paranoid or else they will get suspicious.

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    I'm going to have my own room in a dorm building. I plan on disposing of them in the building trash room.

    That is one thing you could consider - does your apartment building have a trash facility? That would make it much easier. Throw it in a backpack, after being well wrapped, and bring it down and toss it.

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    Mr. Marley...funny name from someone in Norway. But I'm Norweigan too so cool!

    I would recommend using the bathroom to change into and out of diapers always. Unless it doesn't have a lock on there no one can barge in. Just run the faucet like you're washing your face and put the diaper on. I wouldn't wear anything too thick unless it was at night, so you can get away with wearing some pants over them.

    I can't count the number of times I've walked around the house in a pair of jeans, t shirt, and Walgreens generic.

    As far changing out I would plan it so you need to change roughly when you'd normally take a shower. The shower covers any diaper noises well. Unless you're feeling like an H.A. I wouldn't mess when anyone is around. You COULD, but clean up sucks. You'll ultimately have to rinse everything off in the shower, and dump as much crap in the toilet as you can to cut down on any smell in the bathroom. If you're going to go this route I suggest getting a can of body spray to spray around the bathroom before you leave.

    In any case you can just wrap the diaper up in the clothes you wore going into the bathroom while wearing a towel, and find a place to stash it in your room. Make sure to toss it that night though.

    Just stay cool, wear long t shirts, and make sure that the diaper's waist band is well below that of your pants.

    I don't wear just diapers very often, 90% of the time I've got something over it. So any time someone knocks unless I'm actually changing I just tell them to come in. Sitting at the computer in a t shirt jeans and a diaper listening to music isn't suspicious.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DotDotDot View Post
    I'm going to have my own room in a dorm building. I plan on disposing of them in the building trash room.

    That is one thing you could consider - does your apartment building have a trash facility? That would make it much easier. Throw it in a backpack, after being well wrapped, and bring it down and toss it.
    i lived in the dorms last year (moving back in tomorrow morning, yay!) and was only able to wear twice. both were when my roommate went home for the weekend, and when i was throwing them away once, i threw it in the floor dumpster and it stunk up the entire place for a few one ever found out and idk if it was actually that or something else (because the guy's hall was kinda known for being slobs). so the next time i threw it out in the big dumpster outside by the back door.

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