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    Smile Ello! lilfoi

    yeah i've been here a while but haven't said anything on the introduction boards. my name is glassyeyedbb i'm 14 years old going on 15, yeah i was on here once when i was 12 and not sure on whether or not i was an infantilist but after some analysis i think i am. Yeah i tried to repress my feeling for the good of my parents but i just decided to wear diapers anyway hiding it from them. I'll probably mostly post threads that require serious input and personal experiences since i plan on purchasing my first pair of diapers soon (this thursday actually if i have the nerves) yeah so hi

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    Welcome dude, don't forget to post around, you will find many people with the same questions and similarities as you so stick around.


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    hey, welcome to the forum, glassyeyedbb. The idea of sharing personal experiences is how we found out about ourselves as DLs & TBs, aswell as each other, so post lots and you'll find the answers you're lookin for!

    And yeah, don't think twice - just suck it up, and buy the damn diapers! :p

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    Hallo, hallo, come on in and make yourself at home. And as I assume you are probably a Giants fan - congratulations. (Even if you are a Jets fan, you probably prefer Giants to Patriots, eh what?)
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    not saying the patriots suck or anything but yes i'm so amazed (and happy) the giants won the super bowl

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Welcome to the site and good luck on getting your diapers

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    Yes, welcome, and just go ahead and buy them. Nobody in the store will question you openly 'cause they want to keep their job

    so buy, wear and enjoy . . .

    And, happy adoption !!

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