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Thread: Low rise diaper?

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    Default Low rise diaper?

    I don't know if it's cause I'm from Orange county but... I always roll my diapers down so they're like low rise

    Am I the only one that likes that? Are there low rise diapers out?? Would you wanna wear low rise?

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    no the old bambino smalls fit me at the belt line like low rise underwear or something

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    Nooo, I like the high-rise(?) diapers! I like when you can see the top of the padding and the top tapes over your pants! Diapers are intended for maximum protection through maximum coverage. Low-rise diapers don't offer that. Just my $.02

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    I like my diaper to go up high on m back, makes me feel more babyish.

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    I like them to stick out the top of my pants or over the top of my boxer shorts when I'm in bed.

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    I like seeing the top of the padding above my bottoms, but I like it to still be below my belly button. I've actually had this sort of debate with another LFs as of late. I don't like all that extra material 'flapping' around. I guess I like a nice medium: plenty of coverage, but not riding too high.

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    The only adult diaper that is "low rise" on my body frame is Depends which is nice when I have to go with my friend to one of his clients. I do however sometimes prefer the higher rise diapers because then they come up past my belt line allowing my belt to help keep the diaper up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzbaby View Post
    Am I the only one that likes that? Are there low rise diapers out?? Would you wanna wear low rise?
    Not alone I've rolled down the top of my diaper on several occasions in the past. It makes it a lot more comfortable when it's hot out, especially if you're wearing tighter pants, and it reduces the crinkling. I've also seen pictures in which people have the front of their diapers rolled down, so I know there are other people who do it. Unfortunately I don't think they sell low rise diapers anyw :_(

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    Probably.. I've never like, went in a diaper yet. I like to wear them around the house but I find myself rolling them down. I think its more stylish :P

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    Hell no.

    I like hi rise diapers. They offer more protection and feel more babyish.

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