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Thread: Tranquility ATN's

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    Smile Tranquility ATN's

    I recently bought a case of Tranquility ATN's and was surprised how little
    they hold like 27 or 28 oz's that's not an all night diaper to me!!
    Molicare's hold like 60 some oz's and Abena 80 some over 100 oz's there
    more of an ATN then these diapers.
    if you add a booster pad you might get a little more capicity out of them.
    Why do these diapers hold so little espcially if their supposed to be an all through the night diaper.
    Has anybody else tried thease diapers? and what did you think?
    I think I'll stick with abena's or molicare's.

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    I think the ATNs are over-rated for the price. A lot of folks here seem to be addicted to them for some reason... I think it is b/c of the way they swell up when wet. ATNs use a lot of gel in their padding... it means they don't wick very fast... but they do swell to be quite large considering.

    All the places that I have seen offering ATNs by the case charge about $1 per diaper. It's not horrible... but for around $1 I can get Dry 24/7s which are far superior in terms of capacity.

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    When I tried ATNs (granted, it was a few years ago and they may have changed), they also had a weird shape that didn't quite agree with my body. I never managed to put them on properly - they'd always cut into my legs while leaving too large a gap at the waist.

    Also, keep in mind that the capacity of a diaper also depends on how and how often you wet it. Flooding it will give you a different absorbency than leaking a little bit every once in a while. However, some diapers may stand up to a flood better than others do, which may be the reason why the ATNs didn't quite work that well on you.


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    I love them, but I have never had anything better.

    I think it is b/c of the way they swell up when wet.

    Dry 24/7's might be a little TOO BIG imo, in terms of getting huge. And making my ass bigger than ATN's.

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    I love ATN's! If you don't like them, theres not much out there that is more absorbant in my opinion. I even like them over Molicare Super Pluses. Thats just my opinion.

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    they leaked on me again last night. it's a good thing I wear plastic pants overmy disposable diapers.
    but I think molicare's and Abena's work better for me at night. I tend to flood my diapers.
    but my point was for these being an ATN diapers they should have a capacity equil to Molicares or Abena's especially at $1.00 per diaper.

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    Get Dry 24/7s next time... same price... twice the diaper.

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    Are they really the same price? Dry 24/7 were way too expensive for what they were worth. They do hold about the same amount as Tranqs.

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    If you're having problems with leaks, you might want to go to cloth. They'll hold a LOT more, and washing them really isn't a big deal. Just make sure to wash your plastic pants separately, and let them dry naturally.

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