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    Hi, I'm an AB girl who has a daddy. I wear diapers every night and days that daddy decides I need them. I came to this site because i just wanted to meet some friends!
    Outside of my AB stuff I enjoy cooking and debating politics. I love to travel and do so frequently. My favorite color is green. My favorite food is sushi. Umm...I have two cats named Molly and Dolly. I adore them.

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    Hi, I think you will enjoy this site and you will find a lot of people share your interests and it is good to have others to converse with on matters that you cannot do with people in the everyday world

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    I agree with coolguy. I would like to add though that it's awesome that you enjoy cooking, traveling, and sushi. I wish you the best of luck making friends on adisc!

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    Hi! Nice to meet you, Leonna. Cooking and debating politics. Those are two of my interests as well. I think you'll definitely have a good time here. Welcome aboard! =)

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