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Thread: Invincibility, or immortality?

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    Default Invincibility, or immortality?

    I've asked this of many of my friends as a point of curiosity. I have very specific definitions for both.

    Invincibility is the condition that you will never die except by old age. If this is too ambiguous, then you may die at exactly 120 years of age. Your body will never suffer illness or damage except when you will it to, as in exercising. You will feel pain normally, except when you wish not to.

    Immortality gives you a timeless body, one that stops aging at your physical peak (typically 25-40). Physical damage, lethal illness, starvation, and other causes of death still affect you normally, but you will never die of old age.

    So which is it? What would you do with your ability? Remember, neither trait keeps you above the law, and you may find yourself in prison for life, or forever, depending on your choice.

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    I'd rather be invincible. Then I could do LITERALLY everything in my power to change the world for the better without the worry of Assassins killing me.

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    Invincibility all the way. In my opinion the fact you could never die because you are immortal would drive you mad. You wouldn't be able to make any relationships. It would be an incredibly lonely existence. I expect if someone was immortal that they would die within two of three lifetimes, through suicide. So yeah, immortality please.

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    I really want to see where humanity goes in the next couple hundred years, but i don't want to last forever. I'll take invincibility and hope I last till they get some decent life extending medicines.

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    Invincibility because then I can be powerful and just die at old age.

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    I picked the wrong option D :
    I wanted invincibility.
    But anyways. Yeah, I say so, Invincibility. I don't want to live forever and just be cautious all the time avoiding harmful things.

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    Hmm...I think I may go with immortality on this one...I think it would be interesting to see what life would be like a while from now...If I don't like it, I could always kill myself

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    I'd go with invincibility. I wouldn't want to be immortal, because how would I explain to our future human beings in the year 2200 that I was born in 1993 and haven't aged since I was 25 at all? I also don't think I'd want to be around to see the end of the world. Too scary for me. ._. With invincibility I could become a superstar athlete or somethin' and have a lot of fun. =P

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    Invincibility. I don't want to live too long, but I dont want a lot of downtime.

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    Invincibily so then I could become a ninja and a stuntman WAIT no a 'Ninja Stuntman!' yeah!

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