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Thread: Kill or Cure - The Daily Mail's obsession with cancer

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    Default Kill or Cure - The Daily Mail's obsession with cancer

    The Daily Mail is a tabloid rag sold in Ireland and the UK. Like most tabloids, it publishes a lot of pseudoscientific headline bait to attract attention. It has a particular obsession with claiming certain things either cause or prevent cancer. I saw this interesting site called Kill or Cure which has a list of everything the Daily Mail has claimed either causes or prevents cancer in recent years. It's quite a large list.

    Does anyone else have any interesting examples of tabloids being tabloids like this one?

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    to be fair to the Mail, it only goes about it's business like most other newspapers, nowadays; that is, the 'reporters' surf the internet and then copy&paste.
    and it's also no worse than what the BBC offer up as 'news'. personally, i've given up on the lot. i took the whole caboodle of Sunday newspapers to my mum, in hospital, and when she asked if i'd read them, i said, "no. it's all just crap about crap people". well, it's that and adverts.

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