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Thread: Just how bad do conventions get?

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    Default Just how bad do conventions get?

    Hey you guys, I'm working on a toddler Egyptian fruit bat fur suit and I wanted to know If any of you guys have experience going to a Convention in full babyfur garb?

    I know babyfurs/littlefurs have a bad rep in the community but would I be in danger of being all alone in a corner because nobody wants to hang out with the fur in the diaper? =(

    Thanks ABalex for helping me fix my title <3
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    You should be fine as long as you don't mess your diapers around others especially not in an elevator.

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    yarly. messing isn't taken too kindly in the general public, but otherwise it should be fine =^_^= ... ofc a big soggy yellow diaper prolly wouldn't be looked too kindly on either... convention goers are, in general, kind... i haven't run into any meanies yet...

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    In full garb? So you mean a exposed diaper, etc. to everyone who happens to be out on hotel/con grounds? If that's the case, PLEASE don't. We already have a bad rep as it is and this won't make it any better. Don't push what others don't want to show in a situation where wandering eyes can't be avoided. I'm sure you will be given a talking to as well, one of the main chairmans of furry, Uncle or Dr. Kage (the dude in the lab coat!) will flag you down. It certainly wouldn't be a first. We already have furs who wear badges with their fursonas drawn up in diapers (some soiled), isn't that enough already?

    It all comes down to respect and this will not get you any.

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    i'd say do so at your own risk...

    congoers are generally nice people and won't say anything, but you still have to consider who you're around. even though it's a furcon, it'd be somewhat equivalent to going out in public dressed as a baby/toddler.

    probably best to wait for a BF-friendly meetup somewhere near you. :I

    edit: if you're not going to go for the whole exposed-diaper thing, then i don't think a babyfur-themed suit would be too bad.

    like statik mentioned, people wear badges that have their sona on it- that wouldn't be too terribly objectionable.

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    Yeah I suppose that's what I mean. Like really cartoony, similar to the baby Looney Toons. I'm sorry I'm not good at explaining what I mean, but like a padded (as in like foam insides to make the body shaped more like toddler proportions) body and large head with maybe a sun dress or tutu dress and maybe a large costume cloth diaper.

    But I see, all well. I guess Stella will just be a playtime suit then. =) Thanks guys

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    The young age is no problem.

    I discourage exposed clean but real diapers on a publicly-worn costume. I can't think of any examples where someone has, but it generally won't be well-received. Wet or messy is an absolute no.

    Diapers hidden under clothing or costumes are fine and quite common. Wetting is OK as long as you're careful about leaks and smells. Messing is an absolute no.

    Costume diapers - ones that are purely theatrical and clearly not meant to actually be used - are sort of a gray area. Again, I can't remember actually seeing this. If it's toony enough I don't think there will be widespread revulsion, but there will be at least a few people who will be uncomfortable. Use your best judgement and be prepared to take it off if it's not well received.

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    Don't recommend it, Con goers are very nice, however babyfurs and littlefurs are looked down upon in the fandom. Most likely it will creep people out a little bit. Because a lot of people unless your suit is very well made to look young, will think your a diaperfur. Also not taken kindly.

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    ok. I had a feeling it was gonna be sketchy at best, but as an entertainer and someone who wants a good reputation in the fursuiting community, I don't wanna creep people out DX

    If I decide to ever finish her, (right now shes just sketches and a cardboard head) I'll more than likely just keep her for home and taking pictures to put on my DA.

    Or if by some insane reason I do decide to wear my costume to a con I'll definitely nix the in view diaper and probably do overalls or something neutral that still conveys the age but not necessarily the "creepyness" of diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jossilyn View Post
    If I decide to ever finish her, (right now shes just sketches and a cardboard head)
    Hope the cardboard is just a prototype and not what you plan on using for a base on your head.

    The cardboard won't last and will absorb sweat, it will fall apart super easily.

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