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Thread: Dreams... more intense than I'd like them to be

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    Default Dreams... more intense than I'd like them to be

    I was wondering if anyone has this- Dreams that are intense and hard to recover from and wake up from sometimes. I had one earlier that was just intense and hard to desribe. I also had one last night like that too. I don't like intense dreams because they stick with me and they're hard to get rid of.

    I've had dreams like this in the past, but not with the frequency and reptitive dreamings. I don't much care for that. I like a dream, but nothing as intense or physical that seems so damned real that I swear I was there.

    I'm wondering if it's the combination of arthritis painkilllers- I'm on one because of CP-related arthritis pain and I'm also on a blood pressure med as well. I was taking something else and unfortunately, it made the dreams WORSE. Plus, it caused abdominal pains. I've already talked to my doctor about it. She is going to see what she can do for me. In the mean time, I have to live with some intense dreams.

    So my question is this: Does anyone else have intense dreams themselves at times or not?

    I just wanna know if I am not alone in this right now cause I have had several that have just creeped the holy shit out of me and make it so I don't want to go back to bed.


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    I know, those types of dreams scare me soo bad.
    A few weeks ago I had a really weird dream where I watched my whole day from start to finish. I freaked out because it was as if my day was lived twice. I watched myself from a 3rd person point of view (i think that's what it was, I can't remember what the difference is between 1st and 3rd person) I watched myself sleep, wake up, eat, go to school, etc. etc. I even had the exact same conversations with people (word for word), did the same assignments, ate the same lunch and everything. It was so creepy.
    That is number one freakiest, most weirdest dream I've ever had.

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    WildThing, have you tried acupuncture for your arthritis? I personally use it for allergies, and it works quite well. If you have a student clinic near you, you can get a cheaper payment and can choose a student or a teacher. Many also have sliding scales. But, I'm guessing your right in that the medication your taking could attribute.
    But yeah, I do have weird dreams, and sometimes have nightmares. Recently, some that make me wake in a cold sweat and freaked out. I think this is due to my stressing out over... whatever might be dominating my thoughts at that moment in time. I do find that keeping a dream journal, to write what I dream and how I feel, helps keep me from a reoccurring dream. Hope this helps?

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    It's entirely possible that your meds are at least part to blame. Changes in dreaming (and other similar descriptions) are recently starting to appear as a side effect to drugs in studies. If you're on a drug that went through trials years or decades ago, it's entirely possible that it's an undocumented side effect.

    Anyway, I have dreams that would make Salvador Dali curl up in a ball and cry over how bizarrely abstract they can be. Last night, this one happened.

    So I'm in some sort of a prison or fortress or something with strange construction. There are these three U-shaped coves, and each has four ginormous structures similar to Junon from Final Fantasy VII. Me and some friends are trying to escape the island because it's about to go Atlantis. There's a terrible rainstorm and tornadoes and waves and bad shit happening. Then there's an Earthquake, and we can see sections of the prison are breaking free from land and sliding into the ocean. We're trying to make it to the dock but it slides into the ocean just before we get there. We turn back in and all of a sudden there're T-rexes chasing us too. We evade them by going through doorways but that just slows them down as they find ways around. Eventually, we get to an area we somehow know they can't get to and we're temporarily safe. We figure out there's a garage underground where our cars are parked (don't ask, IDK either) and a tunnel leading to the mainland. We make a break for it evading the T-rexes and make it to a huge wide staircase going down to the garage. We make it there, but then it turns into something like the underground car battle in The Dark Knight. We're running from cars trying to kill us and then something woke me up.

    For me, this dream is rather simple, straightforward, and tame.

    To put this dream among the less ordinary ones I have, add in lots of people having sex (quite possibly my fiancee and other girls), appearances from Looney Toons characters that play crucial roles in the dream, people throwing up, my teeth will fall out, we'll be in outer space, some people will be randomly naked, we'll be at my high school, we'll be at my college, those two will be the same, and my former best friend who's an incredible bigot will tell me it's pretty cool that I came out as bi and he accepts me and wants to be friends again. Those are all themes that appear in my dreams from time to time. Actually, I often have entire dreams centering around any of those issues individually.After dreams based on that last one, I usually wake up and spend a solid hour crying.

    I frequently have the running away from zombies/insane police/the army/terrorists/whatever dreams. These inevitably end with me cornered somewhere, at which point I sacrifice myself to end the dream. I usually know I'm dreaming, but I know to wake up I have to die, which will be rather unsettling and is unpreferable. Once I'm cornered, there's no way out of it so I throw myself into the army of zombies or whatever just to get it over with. Less often, I remember that since it's my dream I can change anything I damn well please and cut myself a door. Even less often, I remember that the dream will stop if I open my eyes (real eyes in actual body). These dreams are scary, but I get over them fast.

    The really bad dreams incorporate themes similar to The Ring. I don't think I need to explain further, for both our sakes! These are sometimes paired with direct threats that something bad will happen in my waking life if I don't do something (also in my waking life). I've sent 3AM e-mails to my church's minister after a few such dreams. He's accustomed to them by now. Unfortunately, these are as bizarre as the relatively benign one I described above. Fun times. Oh, and these usually have three other occurrences that make them a lot worse. The first is that I wake up, but upon waking up, I find I only dreamed waking up and woke up into a new dream, so it's all still happening. Next, I have the thing where I actually wake up, but my dream hasn't quite ended yet, and continues in my bedroom with my waking (but unable to move!) self and the dream still happening. The third happens much more rarely, but is perhaps the worst. Sometimes I'll be having a delightful dream involving diapers and supermodels and winning the lottery and going on a cruise that in a snap turns to full blown nightmare. I hate those.

    That said, the worst ones aren't nightmares at all. They're when I dream I won a $500M lottery, and don't realize it was a dream until about half an hour after waking up and thinking about all the great ways my life would now be better.

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    I often have this occurrence where, after coming out of REM sleep. It will appear to me that i am fully awake because I can observe my room as it should be. However, for whatever reason, I am completely paralyzed. In my head, i know the only way to come out of to move my head to wake up. but the harder i try, the more difficult it becomes. What tends to work is me not to resist and let it slide. Which is far more difficult than it sounds, because I am already freaking out that I can't move. It's a very terrifying experience. I have no idea what brings it on. but it happens often enough.

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    I sometimes have dreams where I have superhuman parkour-like (sometimes with the ability to fly). Those dreams KICK ASS. Also in every dream that I can fly around in, I find that it requires a PREPOSTEROUS amount of concentration; leading me to believe that the ability to fly is VERY DIFFICULT to use. But those are the more likable dreams I have, and they don't come very often.

    Most dreams I fail to remember the moment I wake up, but those I do happen to remember almost always involve places that I have been to, but the physical construction is somewhat (or entirely) different. That tends to sometimes cause Deja-Vu for me.

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