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Thread: Michigan's Anti(pro)-Bullying Legislation

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    Default Michigan's Anti(pro)-Bullying Legislation

    Michigan has passed an anti-bullying bill, but there's an outright exemption for "moral convictions" and exempting religious beliefs. Yes, if you have a moral or religious objection to someone, you may bully them. In fact, this exemption includes teachers and administrators! Seems like with every bit of legislation that is passed in this state, I am more ashamed to live here.

    Senator Gretchen Whitmer Responds to Pro-Bullying Legislation - YouTube

    Michigan Schools Superintendent Mike Flanagan among those upset by Senate exemption on bullying |

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    That's absolute BS, what difference does it make if it's a moral conviction or a religious belief, in other words bullying gay people by Christians is OK...

    We're all humans on this planet, live and let live. What's so hard about that? Nobody should ever be bullied, I've seen (felt) firsthand how destructive that can be to someone's life.

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    Absurd. Assault, battery, libel and slander are against the law already. Why do legislators insist on further bloating state codes with more of this nonsense?

    If school officials are unable to maintain peace and order in schools, another few hundred pages of legislation aren't going to fix that. Perhaps if they were allowed to eject disruptive elements......

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    Default if I have a moral objection to religious people I can bully them, and vice versa? I can't wait to see the SCOTUS shread through this.

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    Thanks for posting this bugatti. Bullying in any form is despicable, but for children and teens that are the object of bullying, it can be devastating. This is the kind of BS legislation we see happening in all the states across the country. What are the damn Republicans thinking? I have great respect for the senator in the video. She exemplifies the kind of leadership sorely lacking but that we desperately need across this country at both the state and federal level!
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    There are times I'm proud to say I'm a Michiganian. This is not one of those times...

    Such a beautiful state that we trash with corruption and horrible policies. As someone who grew up in Michigan public schools, I was subject to bullying throughout the years I attended. However, it wasn't for my religious beliefs as much as it was for my other 'abnormalities': red-headed, short, intelligent, sensitive (SPD and personality), clumsy (dyspraxia), and invisibly disabled (SPD, LD-NOS, possible Asperger's and OCD).

    I must say, for a diverse state with many liberals and the densest Muslim population in the nation, this is an incredibly stupid policy. This is just part of the reason why I will most likely not be subjecting my children (in the event that I have children) to the public schools. The public schools fail at providing not only education, but a safe environment in which education can even occur.

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    It may be that religious and/or moralists are not deemed to be legally responsible enough to be held to account for their actions. That says a lot!

    The Irish government must have had a hand in drafting that piece of legislation, it really is something only they could do.

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    okay, i'm already opposed to "anti-bullying" laws, and now they're doing this shiz with it?

    how about we stop with the bullcrap and call it harassment? there's already (WORKING) laws against that.

    this is why we can't have nice things.

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    There are times when I'm proud to be a Michigander. Given the present politics of this state and the state government's attempts to drag us into the stone ages, those moments are becoming fewer and farther between. Worse than this bullying law, I think, which is on its face completely a restatement of the status quo and affirmation that if you're religious and don't like gays or Muslims or whatever you should totally bully them (but let's be honest, even if there were a law, you'd have to get the teachers to stop looking the other way when this shit goes down like they did when I was in school), is the state's attempts to strip the domestic partners of state employees of benefits.

    Right now, university employees and other state employees can put a domestic partner on their insurance and things like that. The state is now actually trying to outright ban any such arrangements under the auspices of "cost savings." Despite studies showing that such benefits only cost a few million dollars per year and that their revocation will cost the state much more money in lost talent, they're still going forward just so they can stick it to the gays yet again. And yeah, yours truly will be well and truly fucked if this passes, since I'll lose my health insurance (since I get mine via a domestic partner that works for the state).

    For as progressive as people claim Michigan is, it really is a backward fucking hellhole sometimes.

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    GEEZ LOUISE...just when i was starting to like living here...they go and do something like this. You have got to wonder what is going through the heads of politicians...not just in our state, but everywhere.

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