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Thread: All in one company Max suit

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    Default All in one company Max suit


    has anyone of you bought a Max suit from The all in one company?

    All in one Company, personalised sleep suits & all-in-ones for all ages

    It looks so cute. But I wonder if it is very warm or so? How's the sewing and fabric quality?

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    no one?

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    It's well made, though the inside isn't quite as comfortable as fleece. I have absolutely no regrets spending an obscene amount of money (international shipping T.T) on it. it's just as cute IRL as the pics might lead you to believe.

    And it's quite warm, yes.

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    Thank you. Could you make some photos of your suit? I would like to the fabric and so on. Would be nice!

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    I also have a sleeper from the All-In-One Company and I love it! While it was really expensive, it was totally worth it. I don't have a Max suit, but I got a paw-print fleece sleeper with footies, a hood with ears, a tail, and mittens. It's really warm and cozy.

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    yep, i got one:
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    it's not exactly the Max one, though (since they didn't make the original film costume), but close enough. except that i thought i'd ordered a tail and my suit doesn't have one. you'll have to watch out that you don't make any mistakes in the ordering and design of your suit as there's loads of options and it's easy to lose track.
    is it warm? yes.
    is it worth the money? depends. i got a kids' size and you'll save a fortune if you can fit into kids' sizes. i'm not sure that i'd have bought one at adult price; not there's anything wrong or deficient about the suit, it's just a question of how much to spend on a hobby in one go? if you're happy with spending that kind of money then it's worth it.

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    Holy crap!! To just get what I want at minimum it would cost $122.50 not counting shipping. If only I had money to spend these days...#balleronabudget :P

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    I want one!

    I'm planning on getting several fleece all-in-ones, several cotton all-in-ones and now at least one of these. I think I might need to save up for a bit first though

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    I think I would want like a sample of the material before committing so many .

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    Well, All-in-one is expensive but they are made to order so you can specify your own measurements which fit you best. It's not comparable to the more popular ones like jumpin jammerz and so on. In my opinion JJ is extremely overpriced as they only use cheap materials and fabrics for their products. I ordered black pajamas a few months ago and its fleece is so thinn that it is even thinner than many of my shirts.
    Thanks for the photos, they look great. I'll defently order one soon.

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