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Thread: I leaked on the new couch...

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    Default I leaked on the new couch...

    OMFG. I was comfortably diapered in an Attends while watching 'The Bucket List' with my wife and mom. I have never had a reason not to trust Attends as they have always been sufficient. After the movie was over I decided that it might be a good idea to freshen up so I got up and walked to the bathroom. I quickly realized that my jeans were quite soaked on both butt cheeks. I quickly got back to the couch and saw two big wet spots where I was sitting. I sat right back down on them and decided that I wasnt going to budge until everyone went to bed.
    My wife asked me to put our 6yr old into bed as he'd fallen asleep. I had no choice but to rise and accomodate. While I was downstairs I removed my soaked diaper and jeans and put on fresh jeans. No diaper or underwear. I put the little guy in bed and returned to my damp spot on the couch.
    Mom and wife eventually tired and went to bed. I was soooo tired but I had to deal with the mess under my butt. I blotted and blotted with paper towels before I joined my wife in bed.
    I cannot believe that they didn't notice. My heart was in my throat the whole time. I cleaned up really well, but jeez.
    Be careful about flooding an Attends in a compromised situation. I'll make sure I've got a soaker from now on....

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    Unless your wife and your mother know about you wearing them, I'd highly recommend not wetting them when they are around.

    C'mon people, lets use some common sense!

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    Leaking on the couch is never fun. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times we've had to clean ours.

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    if your wife or mother no you wear diapers, they may have noticed but not said any thing
    and maybe thought that you would come back and clean the spots later.
    other wise I can imagine that if they noticed that they wouldn't have tried to clean up the spots right a way. so the couch wasn't permanently stained

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    Nothing wrong with wearing around people who don't know luke. You did EXACTLY what you should have done in that situation. What did you use to clean up the incident? What you should use/what you probably did use is one of those household carpet/fabric stain removers, for pet accidents and such. That is how I solved spot that covered my entire computer chair, and the smell has left a long time ago.

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    well, it is far worse to leak on a couch with people who don't know you wear/wet....
    My DL friend and I have leaked many a time on my couch...we just blot it with water, dry it off, and febreeze it, and it seems to do the trick.

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    Febreeze and a steam cleaner... works wonders for pee-stained furniture LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    Get a leather couch...? Those don't stain...
    Yup! you tell them grizzy, thats why I have one, that is where I sit while on the net in my wet diapers, if you do leak you just wipe it down with some light soap and water.

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    A good pair of plastic pants might be a good investment. Also a pair or two of under wear or a thin cloth diaper over the disposable to absorb the potential leak from the disposable will help.

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