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    Default awesome new life!

    Last year around this time i was in detox for a drug problem. fast forward a year im sober through AA have an amzing girl friend i live with and met 8 months ago and i get treated like a baby everyday! i first got my girlfriend into this a month ago and gradually got her to be happy with babying / diapering me full time when were home. It really is amazing i never thought i would have a girl friend who changes me feeds me holds me plays with me and shes so beautiful im really gonna marry this girl and btw im only 20 ! But im new to the forums just wanted to introduce myself thanks

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    Hi, techn9ne. Congrats on being sober now, and welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

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    yeah honestly i never thought it would happen i thought i would keep it hidden my whole life. Im so glad she got it out of me one day

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