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    Just wondering how people would react if their own kids showed an interest in diapers. Assuming you have hidden anything abdl related from your kids, but you find ab stuff in their room or they "come out" to you. How would you react?

    Would you tell them of your own involvment in infantilism? Would you buy stuff for them? How involved would you let yourself get?

    I think I would have a hard time telling them that I was an AB even if they told me they were one. And I doubt that I would ever be willing to baby them or change them even if they wanted to. I would be very supportive and honest about the dificulties of such an atypical lifestyle and would never make them feel bad about it (as my parents have). I might even be willing to buy for them if as long as it was not too iffy in nature, but I would always encourage them to keep it to a minimum and not get overly active in the lifestyle.

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    There are many levels on which I wish to relate to my child; my choice of underwear is not one of them. I can take care of my business, they can take care of their business, and neither of us feels the need to break out the brain bleach.

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    I would accept it, and be ok with it. But I would let it be there thing and keep my nose out. Like I wouldn't tell them to much about my involvement, and I would buy them stuff if they asked but no surprises or regressing with them lol, that would feel somehow wrong to be honest lol

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    I would support him/her fully.. however I'm not changing them or cleaning up or acting with them.. I have my room.. they have theirs..

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    I would ignore it. I wouldnt send them to get help or anything, nor would I buy them anything or interact. If they wanted to use their own money to support it thats fine, but its their business.

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    First off I would not get mad. I would not let on immediately that I was into diapers unless they directly brought it up. I would tell them that there is nothing wrong as long as they dont let it dominate or interfere with their normal life and growing up.

    I would make sure that if they wanted to talk to a professional, that out was made available to them.

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    I would be surprised but I would support them fully. I wouldn't discuss my own interest in nappies unless they asked the question to me themselves.

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    Yeah, I don't think i would tell them about mine either. I would be totally fine with it and tell them that there is nothing wrong with it, but that would be all. It would be fun to buy them a plushy or something, but that would probably just encourage them to regress around me which would be awkward coming from my own children if they were anywhere teen or older, so i probably wouldn't buy anything for them, if they needed help finding good nappies though i might help them out with ordering some, but i would certainly tell them not to wear it in the open in the house.

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    My reaction would depend on wheather or not I'm still wetting the bed.

    If I am, then they would Lready know I was wearing so that leap wouldn't be too big. I would bring my child here and suport them by buying some diapers (and even some premium ones as a secret present for Christmas or birthday). Pacies, babas, and other supplies (to a point) but I would make them get a job when they become teens to help pay for all the supplies.

    If I'm not, then I'd be supportive, discretely point them here, and leave little gifts every so often. Possibly telling them later.

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    not to sound like a broken record. I would accept them. Depending on their age I might help them buy diapers and things. But I would not change them, and any AB activities together are out of the question. Even if they opened up to me about being an AB I would still probably want them to know about me.

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