I was shopping at GTM discount store in San Diego, and I noticed they received a shipment of around 10 boxes of 72 count Mens Depends Super-Plus size SM underwear.

They are priced at $33.99 each plus around $3 tax. On Amazon, they are listed at $49.99. Walmart has them listed at $67.27. On eBay, I have seen them listed at around $32+$15 shipping.

GTM discount store price per diaper: $0.507
Amazon price per diaper: $0.694
Wallmart price per diaper:$0.934
eBay price per diaper: $0.652

I am not sure if I am going to buy a case, as I like the adjustable underwear and $33.99 is not much of a price drop from the original price in relation to the usual price drops at this store liquidator. They get most of their products from broken, damaged, expired, or floor models from stores like CostCo, Henry's/Sprouts, etc. You take a risk because the products typically come in a broken box, are broken, have missing pieces, or are expired. They do not know how to price products well at GTM, so deals can be made if you know the item retail price.