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    In our country, the garbage service also collects old paper at home. Most of the time, people put the paper in carton boxes, often from Pampers or Huggies. Sometimes you also see Tena and others... I always wonder why people don't hide these kind of boxes, as anyone can see at least one member of the family is using these products?

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    Not a family member but after hurricane Irene I helped my neighbor clean up her lot and she had filled dozens of Depend boxes with refuse for me to haul away. I don't know if they were her's or if she asked for empty boxes at the store. There were lots of other unrelated boxes as well.

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    The box my last case of Tena arrived in had logos plastered all over it. I left it outside my front door in the apartment complex corridor for a good half-day before getting round to throwing it away. Some people just aren't bothered I guess

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    I really appreciate the fact that one of my suppliers always obliterates the "Tena" logo on the boxes before sending them out. Makes it less obvious both when the delivery is left on the doorstep and when the box goes out for recycling.

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