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    I notice I have been posting diaper threads lately and I hope that isn't bothering anyone. I thought it be great to have a thread where we post our embarrassing diaper moments. I did see we have had others but they are all locked so I hope this thread won't bother anyone.

    Yesterday I was on my way to work and my stop comes. I get up and get off the bus. I thought I heard someone say "She leaked" and I just ignored it. After I get off the bus, I notice my clean diaper was sticking out of my coat pocket so I push it back in and zip it up. Next time I will make sure both sides are zipped.

    I did leak a little so I changed right when I got to work. It felt uncomfortable anyway. I decided next time I am changing nonetheless before I go into work.

    I wasn't too embarrassed and no one said anything. Besides, I'd never see those people again so who cares what they think. Plus the leak on my pants didn't look very noticeable. It was just a small wet spot.

    In case anyone is wondering how I fit a diaper into my coat pocket, I rolled it up and my coat is a jacket and it has a long pocket in the front with zippers on each side and I put it in there.

    What were yours?

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    I've gotten more comfortable talking about my problem (bedwetting) with other people, but I tend to get chatty/wordy when I'm nervous (and even though I'm more comfortable, I'm still nervous to a degree) and can say stupid stuff or just say too much. It's therapeutic to talk about it, but sometimes I don't know when to shut up. So far nobody that I talk about it with, seems to mind though :S.

    So really, any time I get to discussing it with people. It's like my internal filter just shuts off.

    Other than that...well, the one time I stayed with my "babysitter" for a couple weeks, and I'd already changed my diaper for bed, and then I'd forgotten that we hadn't walked the dogs yet. So I went around the block wearing a diaper. PJs on of course, but, still - nervewracking.

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    Hmm, my only moment was embarrassing to me until I noticed no one actually saw it. Daddy and I stopped at store to get something really quick and as we were getting out of the car, a piece of paper or something flew out of my hands and I ran to get it. I jumped down and grabbed it really quick, then realized that my shirt had ridden up and since I jumped down to snatch it up my diaper was completely sticking out. I was so relieved when no one saw it.

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