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Thread: Baby Formula - Does anybody else like it?

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    Default Baby Formula - Does anybody else like it?

    Does anybody else like baby formula?
    I have tried and developed a liking for the ready made cartons of SMA Extra Hungry Baby Formula!
    I tried normal mile from a baby botle but it was hard to clean and smelt, but baby formula warmed and drank from a wide mouthed rubber teated bottle at bedtime is lovely, does anyone else enjoy this?

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    Actually, I do like formula, I tried it once when I at my daddies house. To tell the truth, at first I didn't like it, but I kinda just started liking it after awhile, and it makes me feel more babyish too.

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    I was under the impression that it was actually bad for adults to drink baby formula (something about excessive levels of something that babies need but adults don't)...

    Banana milkshake (Nesquick) works great for me in a baby bottle

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    No I don't Maybe toddler formula I might like but it's expensive. Infant formula has no flavor and it tastes nasty.

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    ew. sorry friends I cant handle the taste at all. If i want a formula kind of feel i use instant creamer and a tiny bit of sugar.

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    I've never had baby formula, however I am interested to have a little mixed in with my milk. I love a warm milk~

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    no. i just use warm milk in my bottle. formula makes me sick

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    Vanilla toddler formula is yummy. I hear that they also have chocolate now too, though I've not tried any yet.

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    Il love baby formula. I drink it all the time in my baby bottles and sippy cup. I like all kinds but 0 months to 3 years is good for me. On thing it is verry fatty.

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