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    Hello, just a little about me. Recently was introduced to the diaper scene by my adventortus and late girlfriend. She was really great about trying new things with me. This adventure started with a naughty phone conversation one night and took off from there. I would just like to see if there is anything remotely similar out there. For me its all about the girl wearing them and only wetting.

    More to come later.

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    There is a lot similar out there. Just not at this site. This site is more of a support community not a 'naughty phone call' site. Do a google search and i am sure you will find plenty of diaper fetish sites out there. I would link some for you, but there are young people on this site, so that would be inappropriate. Anyway. If you want to learn more about 'the diaper scene' and possibly make some friends, feel free to stick around. But if you are just looking for naughty conversations with girls in diapers. Then you may want to look elsewhere.

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