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    I am the only user of my computer and I have the history turned off, so I am not really worried about that. I am an interesting individual to my friends and I could really see them trying to figure out what I do on the web. So what I am asking here is there a way that they can find out out the embarrassing things I look at on the computer, without having direct contact with my computer, and if so what can I do to safeguard my internet privacy. Or am I just being paranoid? Well don't answer that, I know I am paranoid[lol] How about on Yahoo Answers, I have a hidden profile, but what about my contacts, can they see the questions I ask, because I think they see my profile name when I am instant messaging with them or am I wrong. Also a facebook question, I do not have a facebook account but would like to create one to see what is being said about me on there. What are your thoughts on this, could I create an account without my real name, or use my real name and can I keep my profile private, can I even research what has been said about me without becoming someones facebook friend. Also would like to see if there are pictures of me on facebook. I am new to technology so please help me with what you know. Thank you in advance.

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    Didn't read all of post, it's 9pm where I live and attention span is pretty low.

    Use private browsing (ctrl+shift+p on firefox), it saves your current state and when you return its back to where you were. Helpful, keeps your normal browsing history and when you enter into private mode, it doesn't save anything.

    You can delete your /temp/, web browsers will cache or store your internet files to speed up the loading of websites.

    If someone is really determined, they can go through your cookies. These are small text files that websites use to identify you.

    There are other ways. But they are more advanced, and I assume your friends and family aren't that keen.

    Keep your wifi password protected, yada yada yada

    Just saw your bit about facebook. Often people will lock their accounts so people cannot see their photos without them being their friend. I suggest making one with your real name and adding them, because then if they see someone they don't recognize, they probably won't friend you.

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