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Thread: Which do you prefer BF3, COD, or another FPS?

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    Default Which do you prefer BF3, COD, or another FPS?

    Which is your preferred FPS?
    I like BF3 and MW3 equally.
    BF3- More realistic, better look, simple controls (I got the hang of them in a few minutes), all around cool features, the knife kills are beyond epic.

    COD- Easy, can take more hits, weapons are prone to be over powered. Easier to knife.

    These are my favs right now. I like all FPS and a few third person shooters.

    What about you?

    And please no flame wars.

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    MW3 <3 <3 <3. I just love cod so much quick fast paced action at its finest.

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    BF2, loved BF2 outside the massively overpowered jets. After that its probably L4D2 then nothing else for multiplayer fps (for me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyFox View Post

    Most epic game EVER

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    COD fanboy for life! I have never played BF, as I hate vehicles in games (COD chopper does not count as it is not player controlled.)

    COD I can run and gun, it is what I do best, as far as I know BF you cannot run and gun. I am an impatient person. Some of my best games on COD which got me so many wins are because I ran in and did what needed to be done, while the rest of my team sat behind me and watched.

    Get to brag for a second that my best game ever in COD was 73 kills and 3 deaths. My KDR constantly stays above 2.00.

    Call of Duty will always be the best shooter, no matter how many crappy story lines they make. I'm all about the online play.

    EDIT: I have a Wii and a 360. The 360 has no internet. and Battlefield is not on the Wii.

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    Call of Duty died when it because all about the multiplayer and left the World War II era.

    That being said, Battlefield 3. Call of Duty is finished.

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    Having BF3 and play almost all the CODs since cod2, i think i like the faster pace of COD then the large openness of BF

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    Nostalgia time..... Time Splitters 2 or Time Splitters: Future Perfect.

    The OTT controls and story as well as the old PS2 multiplayer made them my favourite FPS's for a long long time.
    BF3 is set to topple that though.

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    I don't like FPS games. At all.

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