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Thread: Manufacturing locations/companies of ABDL diapers

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    Default Manufacturing locations/companies of ABDL diapers

    I know that TENA diapers are made in USA and Europe and Attends are made in the USA, Molicare in Germany, Abena in Sweden and Assure is made in China. Does anyone know where Wellness Briefs, Tranquility, Dry 24/7 or Bambino diapers are manufactured? Furthermore, where does ABU get their custom diapers from? Does anyone know?

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    Bambinos are made here in the USA; and I'm pretty sure that Dry24/7s are also made here in the USA (I could be wrong). ABU gets their custom diapers from a variety of locations, none of which I know about.

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    I'm kind of interested to know where Bambinos and Cushies are made as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    I'm kind of interested to know where Bambinos and Cushies are made as well.
    Bambinos are made in USA, CA

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    For all you diaper industry fans, here's a link to an industry consultant. If you happen to own your own diaper making machine this fellow can help you get it running as best it can:
    Baby Diapers and Napkins - Disposables Manufacturing
    I find this sort of stuff interesting. I hope you like it.

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    Bambinos are shipped from CA but they could still be import/drop-shipped.

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    I kinda already knew that but lost the 'proof'. I think it was on an earlier post I made but too lazy to find it lol.

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    I am not sure on your question but wanted to say, I have sometimes thought about trying to get a job in a diaper factory or packaging place. I am sure that there would be some good looking women working there and it would be like working in some type of fantasy land. It would be like my north pole.

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