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Thread: Disney "Cars" pacifiers.

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    Default Disney "Cars" pacifiers.

    I figured I'd post this now for anyone who has been looking for a Cars pacifier (I have been). There is a seller on Ebay who is selling a number of them,


    Thats the link ^

    Of course I have bought two of these prior to posting this, just to make sure I get the ones I want :p Can't comment on the quality of these, but generally disney pacifiers are decent in quality IMO. Happy shopping.

    P.s : I thought the Price was top notch, plus after contacting Tammy (the seller) she was quick to respond and gave me an awesome deal on the shipping. I paid $7.57 for two of the pacifiers shipped to my door.


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    Dear god those are adorable! I want one >.> even if they're intended for baby boys.

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    I`d to visit carrefour... They usualy have a lot of disney stuff.

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