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Thread: Oh my god! Did that just happen?

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    Default Oh my god! Did that just happen?

    (I swear by my love of God and my girl, Grace, and by My grandmothers grave, That tis is all true.)

    I just wet the bed, naturally for the fourth night in a row, I had made a makeshift diaper out of a towel and placed it in my pants for protection.
    (It is a personal design, that takes a fair amount to cause a leak.)
    I fell asleep, shortly after 10:30 local time, and woke up suddenly at 1:19
    I realized immediately that I had wet the bed again, but not only that but that I was also still wetting myself, I couldn't get myself to stop and when I finished I walked into the bathroom, curled into a corner, texted the two people who know about my bedwetting, and then got my laptop.

    What should I do about this?

    I don't know how accepting my parents will be, they are very conservative and this is far from that side of the spectrum.
    My dad is a preacher, my mom pretty much agrees with him on opinions.

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    Also I need to know which type of adult diaper would be best for overnight use, I thrash a little and I wet fairly heavily.

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    Wait a second. So your parents being conservative means they won't be supportive of you when you are having legit problems wetting the bed? Being very conservative and coming from a heavily conservative (and Christian) family, i can tell you that their being conservative does not matter. Maybe telling them you're a TB/DL, but you shouldn't tell them that now, with this bedwetting thing.

    While that doesn't matter, i do not blame you for being nervous telling your parents. I wouldn't like doing that at all, myself. However, it is important that you tell them. You could have a UTI or something. Just go to them, looking for help and advice. A loving parent would be supportive if you are having this problem.

    All the best to you. I hope everything turns out fine.

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    They know about me being TB, my dad walked in on me in a makeshift diaper.
    They think the bedwetting is an act.
    I don't think I have a choice about confronting them on this now, I wet huge and the bed is slightly damp.

    I was sitting on the bathroom floor shaking and crying for a good twenty minutes.

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    ok well you need help, So fuck rather or not they think its an act. You have a medical problem and need to see a doctor about it. Other then go tell your parents about it there isn't a lot we can say to you about it. I mean we can tell you to hide it but that's a dumb idea and to much of a burden. Your gonna have to tough it out man. You have a problem and need to tell them asap.

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    Just tell your parents you really need to see a doctor, in private. If they ask why you could tell them it's "guy/girl stuff". This is a good way to get them not to want to ask any questions, however if they do push for questions you can just tell them the truth. You could have a serious medical condition (like stated a UTI).

    You need to tell them; this really does become your only option.

    Good luck.

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    I'm probably going to have to confront them. Thanks for the support guys.

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    Let us know how it goes! We all hope it goes good!

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    I like the "personal problems" excuse. Act embarased about going to see the doctor, but embarased more about your parents finding out why.

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    All right I know I answered you earlier on this, but I don't think I was really clear on what I said. What Rocky said is exactly what I meant. I really hope you confront your parents and that they believe you. Best of luck buddy.

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    Do you have any prior history of bed-wetting past the age of six if you are female, or seven if you are male? It's not uncommon for that problem to go away, and then come back. That's what happened to me, anyway.

    I don't know how feasible it is for you to say you have something you'd like to talk to the doctor about in private, and not have them press too much. If it comes right down to it...I don't know. I really wouldn't recommend lying.

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