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Thread: Hello from Germany

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    Default Hello from Germany

    I'm a DL from Germany. I really like this board, especially the storys.

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    Welcome tbcg2!
    Please tell us more about yourself even if its not diaper related, e.g. what hobbies do you have and what your favorite stories are
    Have fun here at ADISC

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    Willkommen from South Australia. I hope you'll like it here. But as Boblios said, it would be nice if you could write a little more about yourself and what keeps you going.

    Bis spaeter.

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    I espacially like (mental) regression stories or forced diapering stories. Sadly since my mariage i haven't the chance to wear a diaper.
    Oh and i'm working as a professional programmer since i got my german "Diplom".

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    Wilkommen. Wie gehts? Hallo von ADISC!

    It's nice to have a different language here at ADISC. I hope you like it here and stay for a while!

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