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Thread: I Remember when I was still in diapers...

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    Default I Remember when I was still in diapers...

    I used to really enjoy building forts. I was still wearing diapers at night because I was having accidents.

    For some reason I thought there was some evil force sneaking into my room at night and forcing me to wet the bed. So as a defense against the evil force I would build a fort.

    I had a bunkbed, with red metal poles and I would stick blankets in the top bunk and they would hang over the bottom (which apparently would protect me from the evil force lol). I don't know if anyone remembers ZanyBrainy, but they sold this product called glow string. I would take the glow string and tie it all across the room so it created a security seal similarly to a laser detection system.

    I just remember this as one of my coolest childhood memories. Fort building was awesome, I think a few times I build some forts out of cardboard boxes.


    Did anyone else build forts as a kid?

    What kind of forts did you build?

    What was special about your forts?

    Did you have a defense system?

    I'm curious to know your thoughts...


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    i use to build forts all the time. i did this cool thing with a box fan and a bed sheet. man those where the days :P

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    Oh boy, did I ever build forts! Although I wasn't wearing diapers at the time (sadly). Usually, I did this with friends when they'd come to my house for a sleepover. We'd push literally every piece of furniture in the playroom together, throw blankets over it all until it was completely dark inside, then get extension cords, lamps, Christmas lights--we'd go nuts! And in some far-flung back corner of our fort, we'd drag my mom's old black-and-white TV from her college years, hook my Atari 2600 to it, and play Warlords and Air-Sea Battle. Now I've dated myself!

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    My brother and I used to build forts all the time back when we had a less-than-stellar babysitter. The more we could avoid and/or torment her, the better, so every opportunity we'd grab all the couch cushions and blankets we could and turn the living room into a battlefield.

    I also had the fortune of a bed with a crawlspace underneath, which became both my fort and my diaper-stashing treasury. Unfortunately fort-building died off for me once that bed was replaced, although one of my college dorm set-ups brought back some memories. Given the opportunity and the materials, I could see myself doing it again as an adult.

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    My girlfriend and I still build forts! It's an awesome way to spend time. It makes you feel like the ruler of your own domain :p haha


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    My brother and I used to build forts in our dining room and pretend we were the Power Rangers. We would stack up every pillow in the house till it was like 5 ft high and that would be the Megazord and we'd kick it and knock it down and stuff... lol good times....

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    i used to build forts out of boxes. i would tape them together and crawl through them and sleep i them

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    My relatives and I would always build forts when I was younger. Well maybe they built all of it because I imagine that I was more of a nuisance than a big help at my age haha. But anyway, we ended up making forts that expanded across every room in the upstairs of my grandma's house. It sure was awesome. Everyone had their own section of the fort and had their own part of the neighborhood!

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    well i dont remember being in diapers really but i do remember loving to build forts, id go over my friends house after school and wed build all kinds of forts and play games or hide in it and watch barney on the tv

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