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Thread: Half term is over

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    Unhappy Half term is over

    Off to school in an hour It's been quite a week.
    Being able to join adisc at last ( although I thought I would find more from bedwetters).
    It's sad about gramps' prostrate but he has told me lots of interesting things in bed in the mornings.
    Tomboy has been great, she let me ride her bike on the meadows and cooked two partridge I shot with gran's 16 bore, and then last night she was tender and showed me how to treated her. I feel I've grown up a lot.
    So , it's back to 7 weeks hard swotting till I can (hopefully) log in again at Christmas.

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    Good luck, all the best. You seem very mature for a 13 year old. Is there any particular reason your parents sent you to boarding school?

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