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Thread: Dry Nites VS Underjams

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    Default Dry Nites VS Underjams

    Here is my (opinions) comparison table for Dry Nites VS Underjams:

    1. Dry Nites: Moderatley comfortable
    Pampers Underjams: Extremely comfortable
    2. Dry Nites: Crinkly plastic on front = not very discrete
    Pampers Underjams: Soft padded front = discrete
    3. Dry Nites: Quite high up the hips = not very discrete
    Pampers Underjams: Low on the hips & covered up easily by over wear = discrete
    4. Dry Nites: Not "breathable" leading to lots of moisture build up inside (sweat a lot)
    Pampers Underjams: Made from "breathable" material giving more comfort just like normal pants
    5. Dry Nites: Sides are very stretchy and will no break/tear
    Pampers Underjams: Sides split and tear easily = bad for sleeping in

    Conclusion: Dry Nites: Better to wear of a night because of the strength of the sides and discreteness does not matter too much.
    Pampers Underjams: Better to wear of a day when and comfort are key

    You may have different opinions to me, if so then post away! Thanks~

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    Sounds about like what I'd expect based on my reads of prior discussions, although I'm a little surprised to hear that Drynites have crinkly plastic. Goodnites, the US version, definitely do not; they have a cloth-like cover just like... well, pretty much every non-adult diaper sold in the US.

    Pity that the elastic on Underjams isn't as amazing as the elastic on Pampers baby diapers. If it were, I suspect Underjams would have a lot more fans in the AB/DL community.

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    Yes, i agree that if underjams had the sides of pull ups, then they would be a lot more favorable to most people... And the crinkling noises on the Dry Nites aren't blatantly obvious (like rustling a plastic bag), but they are somewhat noticeable if you are walking around in a moderately quiet atmosphere.

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    Drynites (Goodnites) are really discreet, you don't have to worry about the noise at all even during the day.
    I would like to try Underjams but they are very difficult to find and what I've often heard about their tearing sides makes me fear I would lose my diaper during my very active life!

    The strange thing is that they never improved Underjams since they came out. Am I right?

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    Underjams can handle a wetting great too. They're so much more absorbent than goodnites like I can almost flood an underjam. I even tested a goodnite vs an underjam once pouring water into them in the sink and the goodnite immediately pools with water and floods over while the underjam just absorbs until saturated then floods. They both swell to the same size(1.5lbs) so they hold roughly the same but the goodnite mostly swells in the very front which when wearing isn't very practical especially if you were a bed wetter sleeping on their back.

    Another interesting thing I've noticed is goodnites are like a swamp after a wetting because of its poor absorption and sitting in a goodnite after a wetting can be a bad idea at times because the moisture gets squeezed out and leaks but I've found with underjams(even fully saturated) they do not leak when sitting like a goodnite.

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    The improved absorption of Underjams over Goodnites is a real plus, I'd like such a diaper.. The problem with Goodnites is that they can hold a lot but can easily leak if you pee too quickly.

    However, I wear Goodnites and don't have any major issue while sitting. Even if I feel wet at some times, the moisture keeps inside.

    I guess that Underjams inflate in the same way Goodnites do?

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