I'd like to Introduce myself and meet some fellow members.

I'm an a stereotypical singer/actor who waits tables on the side . I'm a pretty easy going guy and I'd like to think easy to get along with.

As far as what brings me here, I'm DL and have been for a while. Though I have to admit a curiosity with wetting is what led me to begin enjoying diapers. I also to a lesser degree identify as a furry, though I more like the idea of adopting/taking care of a furry/babyfur than actually being one myself.

Outside of diapers, obviously I like theater and films, but I especially love musical theater. I'm also a big gamer, and techy, and I love art both digital as well as traditional. I love doing 3d models and texturing in my free time, and am actually a creator on IMVU.

I'm hoping to meet like-minded and interesting people here, hopefully make new friends. I can honestly be flighty, so I may not be a constant presence in the forums/community, though I'm hoping to find a supportive home that I can enjoy and learn from.

I love talking to new people so feel free to message me whenever, and ask me whatever. I'm an open book