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Thread: Help, diaper always go down during the night and isn't staying up ???

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    Default Help, diaper always go down during the night and isn't staying up ???

    Is there any tricks, the diaper is lowering while I sleep and it never stay where it should even if I take the time to make it tight and secure in the morning its usually not where it should be, I can't sleep with onesie, tried several times and its not comfy for me, also tried plastic pants but even there, the plastic pants stay where they should but the diaper is falling down. Maybe its the brand (Equates from Wal-Mart cause they aren't really used since I wear a goodnites inside of them so I don't want to invest in higher priced diapers that won't be really wet, it only catch the leaks of the goodnites that happens from time to time) the problem seems to have started when they did start having cloth like cover, on the plastic backed diapers there was no problem, but with the cloth ones its another story. Any good alternatives that are cheap priced but will stay where they should be and sold in Canada. My christmas gift will probably solve this problem after the new year (cloth diapers probably from babykins)

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    if youre wearing a goodnite underneath it, thats probably why its going down. It happens to me when I double diaper. Especially with cloth backed ones underneath allow for easy slippage.

    Also you could be putting it on too tight, then the fabric stretches quite easily. You should try fitting the bottom tabs looser than the top ones. Tape it so that the top tapes are pointing downward and the bottom ones are pointing upwards kind of like this >< but not actually touching together.

    ABU has the Assure diapers that are pretty cheap, plastic backed, probably as good as Depend. Or you can try Tranquility which they offer plastic backed ones. You can try Attends w/ Waistband diapers. They are plastic backed and have 3 tapes.

    If you're looking for offline plastic backed diapers...Depend, and thats pretty much it. Unless you can find a local mom and pops pharmacy that might sell something other than Depend. Other than that its ALL online.

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    Thanks for the tips, for the Depends they are now cloth covered I think at least around here, I hated them because their tapes don't hold at all, they are pretty useless. I'll try to check a medical store that I have nearby but I'm not 100% their prices will be cheap, they usually sell to people that have insurances so their prices are high compared to the ones we can usually find in normal stores.

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    Cloth-like diapers sag for me, too. As MeTal said, they stretch. I tape on my plastic-covered diapers snugly and that works fine for me. I do wear a lined plastic pant over them, but that does little to hold them up. (When sitting or bending over a lot, the diaper will sag in front. But without that movement of my belly over the diaper, such as lying in bed, the diaper stays put. I have a bit of a belly, which pushes the diaper down with a lot of bending at the waist. What's your build, may I ask?)

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    With cloth backing, you need to stretch both front and back wings firmly before fastening. That way, they will stretch less when you actually put the diaper on.

    Also, tape both bottom tapes first. Then sit up, pull the back and front of the diaper tight again, and fasten the top tapes as sung as possible.

    Those two techniques should get you as close to the best fit with cloth as possible.

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    Wear a pair of stretch pants over the diaper/plastic pant. I use the Abena (Abri-Fix) stretch pants, which are great. Compression shorts work fine, but the Abena pants have a crotch that's designed to hold a diaper. I use them over the Abena 11 (X-Plus) pads, which don't tape up at all. I've never had them sag overnight.

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    Try rubber underwear things

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    I have the same sort of problem. My diaper and my anatomy don't stay where I put them. I've tried the Abena body stocking, plastic pants, wearing normal underwear over it and more. I'm fighting a losing battle I think :p

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    I've been having sagging and leakage issues around the hips (Everything ends up pointing up by the middle of the night, so that's why it leaks there).

    Usually I wear Abena X-plus but I've gone for the M3's due to a slightly tighter budget at the moment.. The first night was shocking.. It seems, (correct me if im wrong) that the M3's don't have as much padding going out towards the hips as to what the M4's do..

    So I tried putting the M3 on backwards... It worked like a charm. It still sagged slightly but the padding went between my sheath and my stomach and the whole pointing up thing actually assisted in holding the brief higher.

    Not sure if i made any sense, but It worked for me..

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    Quote Originally Posted by micahfolf View Post
    So I tried putting the M3 on backwards...
    Cancel that.

    Although it does still leak occasionally, forwards is just fine if i fit it right.

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    I have had this problem before, but i usually wear a onesie, they hold really well. maybe try a different style of onesie

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