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Thread: Anyone ever had an LL onesie? I need size help

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    Default Anyone ever had an LL onesie? I need size help

    So I bought a onesie from LL on ebay not long ago. Measured myself and all that jazz, but when I got it I found that the onesie was about 3" shorter than the advertised 33". She is allowing an exchange, so all that is fine... I'm just wondering what size I should ask for now. I do not know if she simply sent me the wrong size or if this is a common pattern to all of her onesie sizes. In which case I will probably need to request a 36" or so to cover the 3" it is missing that i need for diaper bulk. Ugh.

    Anyone ever had one that can help me with this? Someone on IRC said they had one from LL and it was also shorter than it was supposed to be.

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    I found this to be true as well. I usually add 2 more inches, and that seems to work well. It may be that it's difficult to measure ourselves, though I had my wife measure me. She certainly is a good sport in all of this.

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    I know my measurements were accurate... the onesie just wasn't 33", it was more like 30.5" if not stretch out and allowed to lay/hang freely. That helps though, thanks. Hopefully more people can confirm this too.

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    I would make sure to ask how LL is coming up with her measurement. I have run across different ways to measure torso length: 1) between where your collarbones meet, approximately where the shirt collar would be, down to directly between your legs and 2) from the top of your shoulder to directly between your legs (a diagonal measurement:

    All measurements should be taken with a diaper on, if that's how you're going to wear the onesie.

    I've run into sizing issues with onesies, too, and found it important to figure out what method the seller was using when measuring torso length.

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    Yeah, I had asked her prior to ordering so I know how she is measuring. The main bit is shoulder to crotch, which is from the seam of a shirt to the bottom of the diaper/behind the scrotum without a diaper. I measured about 31" with a diaper on, so 33" should have been good. I guess I will ask for a 36" and hope it's good.

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