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Thread: What do I say when I get caught

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    Default What do I say when I get caught

    I know it is just a matter of time now before my parents find out about me wearing diapers. My mother will surely see the strange charges on my credit card statement and confront me about it. I am a terrible liar.
    When that day comes what do I say to her? Has anyone else been through this experience?

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    My opinon : Tell the truth. Yes i said it. Itd probley be the hardest thing to do , ut the last thing you want to do is get yourself deeper into lies.

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    Best to come clean. Just tell the truth. Lying is a bad idea.

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    Well, with credit cards involved, and buying diapers with them,,,yes,,,best not to lie. Come clean 'WHEN THEY ASK'. If they say or ask nothing, then don't volunteer anything. My line of thought: If you're able to support your own interests (or habits) then you are old enough to have it. If you're parents are paying for your credit card,, then that might be a bit tough to explain,,,,but in any case, be honest. Now, that doesn't men give it to them both barrels,,,just be easy and give them enough information to set their concerns at ease. The more mature you present your information the better things should go.

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    run for the hills!

    Okay JK but yeah I dont have much experience in that department i have only worn diapers a few times myself and am more into stories and stuff, i know if my parents ever took a good look at my computer (which luckily they dont) they would know alot more then i want them to.

    I personally think it depends on the stuation, If your parents are open minded tell them the truth to a reasonable extent, if not then be like "wtf i think someone has stolen my identity and bought a bunch of adult sized diapers!" sometimes ive heard in these types of situations the parents will not say anything, just pretend that it never happened. this is preferable to being exposed but it will still be awkward not knowing wether they know.

    if you do go ahead and tell them the truth do not try to turn it into a bad diaper story and get them to change you or buy you baby stff. your parents will have their own opinions about it, dont tell them too much more then they need to know and wait a few weeks your parents will probably keep it a secret and will treat you pretty much the same. it would be preferable though to keep your activities hidden even when they know of them as them seeing you walk around in a diaper may cause them to have some issues. maybe they will even grow to beleive you had somehow "grown out" of it. (kinda ironic thinking but it seems to be a natural assumption non abdl people make that its just a phase) of course this is all just suggestions its really your call and no one knows your relationship with your parents then you do, not even them 0_o

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    I too think the truth is the best.
    If you lie then over time, she finds out you been lying all that time, could be worse.

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    I told the truth about my diaper wearing when I was 20. I was mortified. I didn't tell because I got caught, but because I knew that if I was going to get any more involved in it, my parents were going to notice and have questions. I was going to have to continue hiding everything and burying it. I didn't want to do that. It was scary, but I figured they'd be able to come to terms with it, and thankfully I was right.

    My blog on it:

    No, don't do what I did and come out while wearing just a diaper (man that was stupid ), but often the truth can be quite freeing. Hopefully they are the type to be understanding and accepting. If they are not, then I can see the reason for the concern, but if you're caught, you're caught. :/

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    I would be prepared with what I had to say. I had to do this with my wife, so believe me, I have a feeling for what you're going through. Don't give too much information, but be a little clinical. Explain calmly that there are some people who, for what ever reason, are compelled to wear diapers. No one really knows why these desires exist, but it does affect a number of people. Unfortunately, you are one of them. This is not something you chose to do, but rather, it chose you. You could try comforting them from the shock by saying it doesn't dominate most of your life, but there are times when you feel compelled to act on this so that you can get it out of your system for a while.

    Tell them that you are well aware that it's not normal, and you're not happy about having these desires, but there's little you can do to make those desires go away. You might point out that the desires existed in your mind long before you discovered the internet, as they will be convinced that someone on line persuaded you toward these desires. They may feel guilty as parents, and it's easier if they can find someone to blame. Assure them that no one is at fault, the condition just exists.

    Beyond that, I wouldn't elaborate on wanting to act like a baby, using the diaper, though they may ask. In that case, be honest, because if you continue to wear and use, they will be looking for diapers. What ever you do, don't become defensive if they don't take this well. Remain clinical, like you are a doctor. I wish you the best in this.

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    Honesty is probably the best policy here. If you lie and get caught out it would be way more awkward. You can be selective with the truth though. However, don't bring the topic up unless they directly challenge you about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by spddan View Post
    No, don't do what I did and come out while wearing just a diaper (man that was stupid ), but often the truth can be quite freeing. Hopefully they are the type to be understanding and accepting. If they are not, then I can see the reason for the concern, but if you're caught, you're caught. :/
    Wow, that's a interesting way to come out. I doubt that's how I'll tell my father though. However, I must admit I'm half inclined to wait on the sofa, in my sleeper and diaper with my paci and wait to be caught. Then I could use the Family Guy "It's exactly what it looks like." quote.

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